Addiction – Forcedness

The gigshow is driven by chemical and genetic diseases in the brain and causes an individual to have a compulsive behavior against gambling. When gambling drug addicts do not work to earn money, but to satisfy a stronger desire inside their brains to take that opportunity or challenge. It emphasizes their excitement.

Gambling is a big money in the United States. The gaming device grants annual billions of dollars because people spend more money each year on legal gambling. The government in the United States contribute to the state lottery to collect taxes on this money. Although gambling was illegal in the United States sixty-seventy years ago, more and more states were adopting gambling until now, but three states are the only ones to ban gambling.

Gambling between individuals has become popular with football pockets each week, where you can bet on winners in the NFL games and college games. In the baseball world series each year has numerous pots with people trying to choose the winner. In fact there are moneypots for all sports events. Anyone who wants to take a chance to win money can join. Most of these kits are just fun and little change is necessary to enter the cash pot, so most people see it as a game – just for fun. However, those who take the game too far and become engulfed in gambling and these people are thought to be addicted.

There are horror stories coming out of Las Vegas, telling people who go there and losing their house. These conditions are caused by this motivation that keeps people playing gambling and does not know when to stop. They are always expecting this time it will happen – this time they will be the winner!

Unfortunately, the biggest part of gambling players is the minimum income. In other words, those who have the least chance of losing money tend to be those who want to play. Perhaps they are in need of more money and think they can possibly get the money through gambling.

In states where lotteries were presented, several ministers demanded individuals who have gone so far with their gambling that they have lost their homes, their savings, school children's children's books, etc. Ministers say that this is a dark side of states of lottery that is not introduced.

Gaming addiction is characterized by a person who is busy with gambling. They spend their time calculating how to get money to play with and what their next gambling adventure will be. They continue to gamble until they reach the place where they are betting a few serious amounts, feeling depressed about the loss they have suffered. Their attempts to stop have failed and they develop feelings of guilt and helplessness. At this point they start to borrow from others to repay their gambling debts and some debt even fraud or theft to promote their addiction. Gambling addiction has broken up relationships and some have even resolved work or career. Gambler will lie to others to try to hide how serious their gambling really is.

An individual with gambling drugs must first acknowledge that they have problems before they can help them. This is the first step on the way to recovery. They have to admit they are forcing players and have to admit they can not view gambling that's just fun for fun.

Human brain has built-in hardware that causes you to repeat things that are used to doing and other fun things to do. Eating and drinking became a habit for individuals and of course this is necessary to keep us alive, but there is also an incentive in the brain that can cause compulsion. Drug treatment is intended to control the brain actions that cause congestive behavior. Through psychological treatment and group therapy you can deal with gambling and control.


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