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Alcoholism, drug abuse and appetite are often misunderstood.

These diseases contain a disease. The people in the grip of these sufferings are naturally ill too. The disease can even spread to family members and friends.

The recovery process has produced countless amazing miracles.

The very process of striking the bottom and recognizing weakness is often the only thing that will lead to true change. Anonymous Alcoholics and "The Big Book" talk about meeting the milestone. It is the place that all addicts must come to and eventually choose to either end or seek spiritual help.

You do not need addiction to choose God. However, actual transformation often occurs only from suffering. It is the path of the cross, redemption and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Life is changed with spiritual awakening, by taking fearlessly moral inventory, by changing and living

service to others.

High Power – The Bible In The Bible

Christians believe in God's love that sent Jesus, our only son, who died for our sins and saved us with grace. While many in recovery programs, such as 12 steps, point to faith in higher power, not everyone chooses to mention higher Jesus Christ or even God. It's okay.

AA, the original 12 Step Program, says it's not faith. The AA plan makes it clear that anyone can choose God's understanding. Rather than criticizing such an approach, we can use it as a starting point.

The Spirit at Work – Bible Use Bible

Christians who use the 12 steps to recovery have discovered that the steps create a deeper understanding of God's love and salvation. At the root of all drugs is the sin of self. The seduction of self sufficient can leave us from God.

When we choose to run our lives without accepting and sending God's will to us, we are in trouble. Anything that opens the mind and heart to God's need and creates the will to seek God … is great.

Procedural Process – Bible Scriptures

Recovery is a process. God who works for us to renew and restore us to health and reality is scriptural. See Romans 12: 2 and Philippians 2: 12-13.

This process is achieved through God's work with others. Working hard with others suffering from the same drugs is how to keep those who are recovering each and every time. God has always worked with people. You can see signs of this when one addict or alcoholic helps others.

The challenge for anyone who has a compulsive and obsessive drug behavior is to replace the enjoyable experience of drinking, drugs or food with something more meaningful and lasting. This is what spiritual experience does.

Signs of Disadvantages – Bible Study Bible

Internal transformation happens because of dealing with our negative behavior and personality and turning them over to God. By continuously working and living the process, voluntarily will resurrect God's will. This is "born again" in a very real way that addicts can appreciate.

The wisdom of living one day at a time with confidence in God was taught by Christ. When we are in our own mind, it is easy to be on what causes anxiety, anxiety and fear. If we stay on these things, we will probably seek escape or comfort in another medicine, drink or dessert.

Any Length – Bible Addiction Bible

Perhaps the greatest revival of an addict who is ready to go further to achieve misery, awareness of how God works with our weaknesses.

When you can finally give up and acknowledge that you are powerless, prepare a way for God to take you.


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