Addiction and confession

ADDICTION: – There are numerous obsessions and addiction that prevent the soul from being physically or attainable. Father Leo Booth and John Bradshaw have written a book about religion as an addiction that I have quoted in many other books so I will introduce another aspect of the matter here.

"Confession Priest

Over the years, I had many opportunities to visit the Quebec province in eastern Canada. In fact, I was in love with a woman named Louise from Sherbrooke, but the marriage never occurred because it was a big difference in contraception (it was for me, and I strongly opposed it). {No doubt more about control and macho matters. Believe in the soul that they would want to make sure that every soul has a good foundation for this life development. would know that the soul is immortal and the flesh is important. If they thought we were all part of God rather than the pope. Only the Lord's representative, whom they would know in common or divine custody, requires all souls to help. Please look at Jesus in John 10:34.}

On one particular trip to Montreal, I visited the company of my Quebecois friend on a Catholic Lammer parochial scho ol. Lady of Pompeii Elementary on the north side. I can still meet a number of crucifixes on the wall of each classroom. Fear mongering abounds and few if any actions about Mandalas and antiquity of the cross.} And the statues of the guardian of the animal in the tunnel. When a principal went to a classroom with my friends and me, each student would stand and invite us a good day at a time (in French, of course). {What about this? Talk about a robot? The family deal was proud.} Twice a week, educated, homeschooled teachers, all good Catholics, compiled multiplication tables, and vertebrate research, highlighting Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

Father Jean-Pierre Morin, the pastor, who then served as president of this private school, was a loving host and very friendly. We had lunch with him in the classroom and visited his office a few hours ago. I asked him sometime for his prolonged conversation when he knew something about this subject.

The good father broke his hands out of habit (probably from frequent prayer) (could be written by preying.) And soberly mused about the subject for a minute or two before he responded. & # 39; Yes, & # 39; He finally said with a smiley smile, & # 39; I have one for you who is very personal and I know it really works! & # 39; He continued to share with us the following story.

When I was a young person, I became addicted to some very bad stuff that I found myself unable to shake. & # 39; He would not even say what they were. When I'd try to quit them for a few days or even a week, it just seemed like my body wanted to go to this cruel stomach and I immediately went back to using them again.

By this time, I decided to enter the priesthood, {It was not alcoholism, and you could indicate the form of hallucinogen.} Take my promise with the Church and survive the rest of my God's life. I went down to the unintelligible conception of the church at the heart of this city and a ball there for statues of Mary Virgin and Christ, and prayed for their help. It seems that the Virgin mother spoke to mind, because I heard a female voice always say so quietly in my head, "Use my boyfriend and you will be the cure of this harassment."

To be honest with I did not even know when it was. But when I made a query, I soon realized that there was a herb. But I faced another problem. Even though I knew which herb was right for my problem, I did not know how should I use it. Was I eating that raw material? Was I making tea out of it? Was I drinking it in alcohol and using it as a tart? Or were gelatin capsules of dry powder the way to go?

I tried all the possibilities and soon found that hot tea would be the best way to follow. In about a quarter of boiling water I would put one hand of the cut fresh cat (which contains vinegar acid, biotin, tartaric acid, choline, citric acid, folic acid and vitamin A with many B vitamins, including B6 and 12, which are useful in dealing with lycanthropy and other obsessive disorders with hallucinations.} Herb and leave it in a few minutes before it's waiting for a moment. I would then pour some cups of this brew while it was still hot and sweep it down when the desire came over me for more of these addictive substances.

& # 39; I was amazed, frankly, how well this tea worked. My withdrawal symptoms were now close to what they were before. I believe the good virgin used this common herb to help me increase my addiction. I then entered the priesthood where I have served with honor and distinction since. & # 39; He finished.

I watched him from the notebook and asked with a smile, and I believe this is the first time I have ever heard a pastor confess to more common and not Catholic. & # 39; All three of us used a good laugh after this comment. "(1)

For people who do not know how much the Catholic Church in Canada and Quebec Quebec in particular, I highly recommend viewing the Pauline Principle as described in the Catholic encyclopedia before I look at marriages and all the man leads to that they get money from companies and force people to act according to their material ideas. My father was a judge of Attorney after enemies stopped in Europe and went to Kurt Mayer in Nuremberg, telling many stories where people send their entire salary The wife of Quebec or other Eastern provinces had found that the church had taken the children from the mother and used these funds (often increased by Black Market efforts under the latter governor – General and, in particular, my Father.). The church would say that the woman was drive around and in one case the man left AWOL and was accused of doing so that he tried to release his children and a woman that he had understood about the so-called & # 39; running around & # 39;. Of course, we now know and courts have shown – the church was involved in many other serious and unethical acts.


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