Addiction – Acceptance of alcohol

Learning that your life partner or close friend or family member is alcohol can be a serious shock. This is especially true when you have not noticed that something has been wrong with them for a long time. However, you should not blame yourself because the nature of alcoholics is to be secret and devious so not worn.

In some homes it is natural to have a few drinks after work, wine with dinner and even dinner. If you are one of them, it is even less likely that you will notice if someone is alcoholic. The same applies to couples or families who associate a lot with pubs or restaurants or other establishments serving alcoholic beverages. Under these circumstances, if someone seems a little tip often, the companion company will probably start it as "one too many" but what's happening when "one too many" becomes a daily occurrence?

Unfortunately, signs of alcoholism differ from human beings. Some people can consume a large amount of alcohol, without visible weakness, until one last drink tips them over the edge. Others will get drunk very quickly, what seems to be a small amount of alcohol. However, do not forget that they could have been drinking early in the morning.

Some signs are:

– furtive behavior

– lying close to drinking water at strange days of day

– smell of alcohol on the breath in a single day of day

– unnecessary irritation

– defense response with innocent inquiries

Some alcoholics are so sure that they have concealed the law that they will do very strange things. The main example of this was a man who had two friends who were police officers in traffic. His way of working every day he crossed his police station, so he decided to drop and take part in them for a coffee mug. However, he had made one basic mistake after drinking early in the morning, unable to cover the smell of the breath. He was lucky; One officer took him home and the other drove his car. He might have been on the highway, be breathing and lost his license.

Another obvious brand of alcoholics in the house is empty bottles hidden in strange places, for example:

– rarely used suitcases

– very behind the lockers

– on top of wardrobes

– in the hammock

– in the shed or garage

Many alcoholics will require a drink when it's not really time like before going out of the house for dinner or last for the bed, drink all night. If you try to stop them, they become bad and mild.

When you become convinced that the person is addicted to alcohol, check with your close family friends to confirm your response. If they believe it's a problem, then it's almost certainly. When you face alcoholic alcoholics, they will deny that something is wrong, so it's another opinion to strengthen your self-esteem.

Well, you've made easy things; You have acknowledged that your friend or lover is alcoholic; all you have to do now is to get them to know it and look for treatment.


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