10 best websites on sex addiction

It is estimated that 14 million Americans have sexual dependence or similar constraints; It is one in 17 people. Sexuality is a serious disease that requires treatment in the form of counseling, support, rehabilitation centers and sometimes drugs. Those who depend on the above will continue in obsessive and often dangerous behavior persistent consequences. Race is serious, but it can be overcome. If you are an addict or work with or treat sex, there is hope.

The internet can prove an invaluable tool in your search for answers and the journey through recovery. It's a worldwide community, available 24/7 that can answer questions, provide support and provide valuable resources. The following 10 websites are an invaluable tool.

1. Sexhelp.com. This informative website offers online tests for individuals who are not sure whether they have sex addiction or not. Here you can find certified doctors, research on current treatment options, find twelve-step programs and revised recommended reading lists. This website was created by the International Institute for Trauma & Addiction Professionals (IITAP).

2. Recoverynation.com. Recovery Nation is a unique focus on health-based recovery, as opposed to disease-based. Health is based on its focus on the development of value, life management skills and other positive issues. There are free workshops on sex addiction, track charts, informative articles, links with other resources and community support. All resources available on this site are free.

3. MDJunction.com. This website has a special forum by chance any disease that may have a psychological effect. When you or the addict have set up an account, you must allow a questionnaire to be submitted and receive answers from individuals who are struggling to overcome this condition. There are conversations that take place in generating sexual addiction, recurrence, calling, treatment, success and failure and almost everything else possible.

4. Slaafws.org. This is a website for sex and love sugar. In their own words, "they believe that sex and love addiction is a progressive illness that can not be cured but which, like many diseases, can be captured." While it is clear that sexual abuse, if untreated, will always be worse, their website offers simple twelve-step programs that have proven to be effective for men and women in recovery.

5. Marriedtoasexaddict.com. The family that affects sexual dependence on individuals can often benefit from researching the disease, participating in a support group and even taking treatment. What makes this site unique compared to many of the other websites on the Internet designed to be a resource for the noise, this website is focused on reaching the family of these individuals, especially their spouses and partners. The owner of the magazine delivers posts and comments carefully to create a supportive environment. There are members, research updates and articles.

6. SAA-recovery.org. Anonymous Anonymous (SAA) is a "community of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other so that they can overcome …" In addition to information about the SAA program, the overall list of meetings and description of types of meetings is available .

7. Sexualcontrol.com. There is a lot to see here; This website is filled with articles for reading. From posts related to pornography, masturbation, counseling and twelve-step programs, there is something for all the questions. Articles are written either for individuals with drugs or their family. In addition to the information articles, first-person narratives are written by people who are recovering from this addiction.

8. Newlifehabits.com. Although this site seems to be especially for pornography, the authors are careful to point out that the available resources are for masturbation and other drugs of this kind. It's a great resort. There are blog posts and articles that contain twelve levels of programs, mental, diet and physical activity, as it relates to sexual orientation, the effects of stress on this disease, and much more. There are resources for both the addict and his family.

9. Psychcentral.com. There are often many questions to answer about sex addiction – what is it, what the symptoms are and how is it treated, to name a few. Enter "sex addiction" in the search box at the top of the cover page, and you will be directed to a long list of articles that are filled with answers to general (and uncommon) questions. Almost every topic that is discussed here.

10. SA.org. Sexaholics Anonymous (SA) is a twelve-step support group for those who are recovering from drugs. Their website contains information about the purpose and content of their meetings and provides a list of meetings held worldwide. Reading, links to informative articles and online stores are also recommended.

Sexual addiction is defined by the National Council on Sexual Addiction and Compulsion, such as "engaging in a persistent and growing pattern of sexual behavior, developed despite increasing negative consequences for self and others." Although it is not as much discussed and other addiction, it can adversely affect the life of an individual and relationships as an addiction to drugs or alcohol. This is a serious issue for both the individual and his loved ones. There are occasions, rehearsals and sometimes years of consequences worked through.

While it's not uncommon to be overwhelmed by working on it, you can restore sexual dependence. Recognizing addiction and getting help is essential for living happier and healthier lives. There are many online resources that can prove invaluable not only during the initial stages of recovery but also through the cure. Start with the ten links offered above and get out of here.


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