You, your unborn baby and stress

Being pregnant can be one of the most wonderful times in the life of a woman as one of the most awesome. Where you are, with a real living, little person inside you. Its awesome responsibility can naturally cause a lot of stress. Pregnancy and prospect of becoming a mother can become manifold for many women when dealing with many other daily pressures of life.

While it's normal that you are stressed when you are pregnant, it poses a real risk for both you and your child. Recent studies show that women suffering from chronic or severe stress during pregnancy are more likely to develop sickness or other problems with unborn children than women with lower stress levels.

Stress can reduce nature defenders

Maternal infants should be isolated from their mothers & # 39; stress off the placenta. It generally acts as an obstacle so that stress hormones and other harmful substances can not reach the child. But new discoveries show that in case of excessive stress or disturbance of the placenta, the health of the child may have a major impact on this barrier.

The stress hormone that everyone has to deal with is called cortisol. This is the hormone that is behind our struggle or flight reaction. Cortisol is really useful when stress levels are normal. However, when stress is over, increased cortisol levels may cause major problems such as high blood pressure.

And if you are seriously concerned, you may overload too much of your child's cortisol. This can lead to low birth weight, high blood pressure, diabetes and reproductive problems among many other things. If your child develops adult reproductive problems, it may be an example of the effect of stress on the next generation.

Guilt is not a Helpful Answer

It's hard to say that it's not taking these messages that hit you. It's hard to be pregnant and deal with everything else you need to deal with. In addition, many expectant mothers are still working on a very late stage. Unfortunately, many employers are unaware of pregnancy and this is still another factor that can increase stress levels.

So, even though many stress-causing issues are beyond your control, you definitely want to protect your child and do everything possible to minimize the risk. Temporary high stress levels are obviously not healthy for you and now the studies show that it is not healthy for your child either. While it is normal and even necessary to feel at some level of stress, you need to take action to protect your child from the worst violence.

Just relax … Easier said than done!

You often hear experts advise that it is important to relax when you are stressed. If only it was so easy! It is also important to understand that relaxation alone is not enough to relieve stress for a long time. It can help you cope with a temporary condition, but you need a more prophylactic picture of stress management to make a permanent difference.

One of the most effective things you can do to get rid of you and continue to avoid the negative effects on your child is to use a new method called slow breathing with music. This technique is ideal for pregnancy because it only takes 15 minutes a day, just a few times a week … all the benefits – and more – yoga at times over time.

Music and breathing: life-changing combination

Bad breathing with music is unique because it combines two effective stress reduction techniques. And because it is more active than another only passive form of relaxation, its effects can accumulate and become prolonged. In fact, slow breathing with music is clinically proven to be strong enough to reduce high blood pressure even in chronic and immune cases.

The beauty of this method is that it not only treats you to great relief from stress pregnancy but your child will love it too! It is well known that the children respond to music in the womb, but they also find the rhythmic movements of slow breathing very comforting.

Strength of stress hormone will be significantly reduced and the effect could be a positive change in life. In addition to virtually immediate stress relief for you, slow breathing in music can significantly reduce the risk of wearing things like hypertension and diabetes in an unborn child. Indeed, beyond basic health and nutrition, this could be the most important thing you do for your child and your health in the future.

While you do not control many of the pressures in your life, you control how you choose to deal with it. This is very important because evidence is growing that high stress factors can adversely affect an unborn baby. Effective stress relief techniques, like slow breathing with music, will help you to leave your guilt and worry.


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