Treatment of Sex: Psychodynamic Therapy

In my opinion, long-term psychiatric medicine is the most effective way to cultivate healthy personal development. The most comprehensive treatment combines sympathy, intuition and communication psychiatric psychiatrist with 12 levels of orientation and cognitive behavioral drug use.

What is bipolar disorder in psychiatric drugs?

The primary focus on bipolar therapy is in patients & # 39; internal deficiency rather than their addictive symptoms. Concurrent benefits and benefits that are insufficient in themselves because of early childhood abuses, may also be appropriate treatment to help individuals deal with life-threatening and painful emotional states that encourage encouragement to engage in addictive sexual behavior .

The focus of this type of treatment is to increase individuals & # 39; self-determination and self-defense, and to enhance their capacity for meaningful human connections. Psychological treatment serves these goals by facilitating the development of healthy ways of controlling emotional self-esteem, in order to get appropriate needs fulfilled in reality, to resolve internal conflicts and to take care of themselves in areas.

Adaptation of patient personality is an important factor in bipolar therapy. Sex addicts live in two worlds; "normal" world of work and love and the "secret" of sexual activity. This danger in personality causes the addict to have different value systems and goals for each part of personality. Psychological treatment promotes the integration of personality by moving together, under the consciousness, broken, denied, broken down and constrained aspects of the human activities of the individual. Dr. Jekyll and mr Hyde will finally be one.

Some basic principles of bipolar therapy

Emphasis is placed on the influence and expression of emotions. The therapist helps the patient to describe and put words into emotions, including contradictions, threats that are threatening, and emotions that a patient can not initially confirm.

Examination of attempts to prevent disturbing thoughts and feelings.

Knowing, but not knowing at the same time, is the result of various defenses that the user uses to be ignorant. One aspect of this type of treatment is to concentrate actively and check these prevention measures. Patient and treatment chip away from defense, so conscious subjects can be brought to consciousness as there is an opportunity to change and adapt to reality.

Knowledge of repeated themes and patterns. Self-edema patterns in patients & # 39; Thoughts, feelings, self-ideas, relationships and life experiences are placed under the microscope.

The past is alive in modern times. An earlier experience, especially early family history, has an impact on our relationship with and experience of modern times. The goal is not only to stay in the past for your own sake, but also to help people get rid of bonding past experiences to live better in the present.

Emphasis on Human Relations

Psychodynamic Treatment Emphasizes Patients & # 39; human experience. Problems of human patterns interfere with the ability of the individual to meet emotional needs.

Survey of the inheritance of spiritual life. Patients are encouraged to say anything that comes to mind. Thoughts can be in various areas of spiritual life, including wishes, desires, fears, fantasies, dreams and daydreams. All this is a rich source of information about how an individual views oneself and others, interprets and makes sense of experience, avoids experience, or interferes with the ability to find more satisfaction, ease and meaning in life.

The goal of this type of treatment goes beyond cure symptoms (forcing sex) but also promoting a positive presence of inner capacity and resources. This can include fulfilling closer relationships, more efficient use of talent and abilities, maintaining realistic self-determination, tolerance, varied strong feelings without working out, having more sexual experience, understanding for yourself, and looking forward to the face and face of life greater freedom and flexibility. These goals are examined by self-esteem, self-esteem and self-esteem that occur in relation to a safe and deep authentic relationship between physiotherapists and patients.

Personalized Factors Common for Sexual Disorders

Treatment for Biphritic Therapy

  • Sexual depression helps people manage fluctuations, self-esteem and maintain self-esteem. Sexually interferes with painful emotions and thoughts, against internal emptiness, repeats emotions of disorder with illusion of control and promotes temporary self-esteem.
  • Sexual activity is a form of self-use, used to make unbearable feelings and self-government . Drugs from outside, which can not be provided internally.
  • Sexually constrained people often have a personality with narcissistic features.
  • Poor self-control, automation and self-defense
  • Sexual intercourse tends to struggle to keep relationships and feel close to others.
  • Problems in the original family where their individual and needs were often ignored or punished.
  • In youth, the true, genuine personality needed to go "underground" to please narcissistic parents; Parts of personality were then "broken off" and are made with sexual activity as an adult.
  • The affected person differs between neglecting needs / feelings and unclean indulgence. This situation is marked by significant division and minimal integration. (The Dr. Jekyll / Mr. Hyde Syndrome)
  • Deviant sex provides a great need to connect with others without compromising connectivity.
  • Short sexuality is considered emotionally safe. They have fixed end points, no strings and have little room for conflict. Furthermore, anonymous affiliates can not easily deny addicts with the detection of the actual or perceived defects.
  • Many sex addicts have a strong desire for control and fear of vulnerability. They look internally vulnerable and prone to fragmentation.
  • Sexual behavior allows sense of control, power, victory or almighty that adds to their feelings of helplessness and weakness. Most likely, ritualized sexual shocks change shocks and is a repetitive compulsion with the unconscious goal of making the original youth attack. Reduced relationships that develop from trauma are selected by sexual activity.
  • Information on sexuality and imagination as fuel is loaded with symbolic markings and helps to understand the topics of internal conflict that conduct the behavior.

Fruit Treatment

Psychodynamic treatment can help sexual offenders to develop:

  • Understanding of internal factors that affect their sexual behavior;
  • Better self-management with the introduction of nutrition, containment and environmental management;
  • Increase the capacity for human communication and healthy sexual orientation;
  • Increase the ability to work at the best level;
  • Improved access to creative internal resources;
  • Improved ability to reflect thoughts and feelings, with an increased increase in internal control and a certain need to respond to unwanted spiritual states;
  • Integration of private and public: Dr. Jekyll and Herde Hyde become one;
  • Physiotherapist examines the sexual behavior and imagination of the client in detail. Like dreams, they have a symbolic purpose and help in understanding the structure of personality as a whole.

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