To deal with time

"It's never enough unless you're serving it."

-Malcolm Forbes (1919 – 1990)

My son is 17 months old. (Okay, all you wont spend out there, stop laughing!) I work full time, sometimes an hour to work every day, cook most meals, try another chore and try to cut out a little time for me and my husband every day. Did I say 2 dogs and 5 cats? I understand the lack of time. In today's world of technology, most people feel stressed not to have enough time every day to do what they need. For parents, this pressure can be overwhelming. Not only are we trying our own lives in such a way that Oprah was proud to eat healthy, practice daily and live our best lives, and build relationships that even Dr. Phil could not find, but we & # 39; Re is also trying to raise healthy, happy and well-adjusted children in the world who are most often in direct opposition to those ideals. Where do we find time for family, work, personal development, the chores of everyday life, oh and sleep? The truth is, many of us do not. We make "to be", sometimes "want" and feel guilty of not doing the rest.

Emphasis on Your Accommodation

It seemed a human nature to beat us beyond what we were not doing, or do not do what we hope for. These negative thoughts do nothing to improve your life. Instead of lying in bed at night frustrated over the mountain remaining work, invalid, reflect what you did. They do not have to be a big part, even a little bit add up, and in fact it probably improved to combine the biggest part of the day.

landed in front of the door

delivered an important call

launched a report

filled the car with gas

19659002] noticed that your child had a beautiful tree

dried out of the kitchen sink

made macaroni and cheese for dinner

let go of the dog before looking at the carpet [19659002] You've finished hundreds of things today and probably did it well. It is not used in poisoning in a way that you think about yourself by focusing on what you did not get around today.

Release the guilt

This may sound strange, but the guilt is selfish. It takes away time and energy from you, your family and other priorities. Know that you make the best decisions you know how to do and do the best you know how to do at any time and lets you feel good about these facts. Release yourself from guilt and allow positive feelings to take place. When you start to feel better about yourself and less guilty, you may even find that you have more energy at the end of the day or increased smile for your child.

Think really about your priority

It makes sense to say that we will focus on positive and surrender guilt but be human, it's not easy to do. That is where the priorities are in play. When you hear or read someone who indicates that you consider your priorities, what does it mean to you? For some, it means realizing spending time with family is more important than more time at work, hoping for promotion, for others it means learning and going back to school is more important than two hours for the television show at night.

These major-scale priorities are certainly important, but I suggest you think even more basics than that; think about the level of daily tasks. Ask if it's more important today to go out with the two-year-old or to cook the meal you're going to take an hour. Is it more important today to do the laundry or read the kindergarten that sat on the kitchen table a month? Is it more important today to send a birthday card to your uncle or sweep the kitchen floor? What kind of mood are you in, or are you a family member? Where will your energy be most important to you or your loved ones today, at the moment?

I do not suggest that the laundry can last for several weeks or you should always eat fast food. I suggest you can not do everything you want to do, so much you can do should be aware and you should be careful that you have chosen how to spend a precious time.

You can not do more time in one day, but you can review how you think about what you've achieved for a limited time. This will help you to feel better about yourself and your life. Celebrate your achievements, do not give up the opportunity to consume your energy and make a conscious choice of your priorities every day. The day is yours – feel good about how you spend it!

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