To deal with responsibility with addiction – do you get it?

To Prevent and Deal With Problems

While preventing problems before it happens is usually "better" than facing the problem, it usually also involves a different complexity . Let me explain. To prevent genital herpes or AIDS, for example, is obviously "better" and much easier to cope with than cure these diseases. In fact, with our current medical knowledge, both genital herpes and AIDS are free from cure. As another example, consider unwanted pregnancy. Again unwanted pregnancy is much easier to prevent and usually harder to deal with than abortion or bring an unwanted child into the world. As a final example, think about the people who have lost their driver's license for six months because they were driving a marijuana drive in the vehicle. Of course, preventing this situation from happening and it is much easier and much less difficult than the reality of losing one's voting rights for six months.

Importance of Problems of Problems

However, to prevent and solve their problems also involves another discussion. To be specific, the more important the problem, the greater the gap between prevention and dealing with the consequences of the problem. To better understand this, let's look at two people, Mary, who have cut themselves while cleaning some gardening tools and Jeff, who has the terminal, sexual immunity. On the one hand, it is fair to conclude that Mary could have cut herself if she had wearing appropriate gloves while cleaning her tools. On the other hand, it is likely to be said that Jeff could have found out to have permanent AIDS if he had used appropriate protection during sexual life. Although both examples imply that there is no proper protection, it is without saying that before the end of illness, it is much harder to deal with but facing a ditch that will heal itself in a few days.

Responsible and Irresponsible Problem Solving

When one has not prevented a problem, it is important to ask what the person is going to do about the situation. In most cases, if not all circumstances, there are responsible and irresponsible ways to deal with and solve their problems. In view of the above examples, there are responsible and irresponsible ways to deal with sexual desire, AIDS, bring unwanted children into the world for abortion, cut themselves while cleaning tools and deal with losing one's choice of marijuana possession while driving.

Similarly, people who had become addicted to drugs, alcohol, porn or the Internet could certainly be in a better position in life if they could prevent their addiction. When they are dependent, it's important to ask what they want to do about their addiction.

Search for Addiction

According to an article entitled "What Do Drugs Look for Treatment?", Researchers at the University of Alabama in Birmingham (UAB) found important information about addiction and treatment. According to UAB scientists are more likely to seek treatment because of their addiction if they can detect or monitor the major consequences caused by or related to their illness or disease. In the words of one researcher, "It's how much you think the medicine or alcohol has affected their lives and relationships that lead them to treatment."


While I do not want to be too simple about the importance of UAB scientists results, I will break it down to something that most people want either to understand or not to understand. Some people build their lives and their relationships with reality while others do everything they can to avoid losing the facts. Some people face their problems while others do not. Some people listen to their bodies while others do not agree and distribute this information. In theory, some people have a sense of responsibility towards others and themselves while others act irresponsibly in almost all areas of their lives. In most cases, addicts who "get it" seek treatment but those who "do not get it" will not. Do you want it? "

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