Three quick-control methods for the busy professionalism

Stress Management

If you are busy, this article should help. I am a tax advisor who draws 50-60 hours a week on a regular basis. Some of you work much more than this but most not much less. Considering the average diet and treating your treatment as a busy lifestyle as this implies, you probably are not what you want or need to be. A few things can help to control stress and help you make the day easier. Three things are necessary; Physical stretching, spiritual stretching and mental relaxation. Before attempting to get any tips in this article, contact your doctor and make sure you accept their changes for your lifestyle.

Body enlargement

In order to work best and look your best, you need to do 5 minutes before going to work. This time is important. Take the full deep breath, do five that move your upper chest, five that move your abdomen, and 5 that move both. So when you breathe in, your upper lungs will expand, your lower lungs will become right and then the entire chest will open and the lung will rub. The benefits of this are better oxygen absorption, better mental clarity and more relaxed shoulders, neck and back. Caution: Inhalation and exhalation too quickly will make you light and potentially allow you to collapse. Take these breaths slowly and focus on being relaxed.

Mental Stretch

In order to perform your highest quality talents, take 5 minutes when you start your day and do this exercise. Make sure no one is watching or they will think you're going away. Close your eyes, choose the number between 1 and 9. Double the number, double the next number, and double the result until you lose the amount of the number. If you miss where you are or the number gets too big to continue, start again. I usually double the same starting number 3-5 times. You must get faster when you exercise. The benefits are slower and smoother breathing, sharper focus and ability to provide large numerical ranks.

The only caution here is not to take exercise too seriously, it is meant to stretch, not strain the brain. If you feel tired after this exercise, you may "fix" due to physical conditions such as poor nutrition or insomnia. Consult your doctor if you are "long" during the day.

Mental Relaxation

I like to relax the first thing in the morning and just before I go to sleep. Most of the time I find busy professionals just have time to beat the ground running, so be able to relax before you sleep, your best bet. When you go to sleep, focus on finding your mattress underneath you. Relax in the mattress, feel discomfort or comfort. You may need to adjust a little until physically comfortable. One is to find a comfortable posture, focus on how well it feels and continue to tell yourself to find a mattress. If you still can not sleep, try to take a slow, deep and constant breath. If you have serious problems falling asleep, consult a doctor, you may have a serious problem.

In short

Are you too busy to work or eat right? Then take a minimum of 5 minutes in the morning to breathe, 5 minutes a day when you start to "lag" and 5 minutes when you lay down at night to make your life more comfortable. If you can take these small measures to reduce stress, you must realize immediately health. Final warning; consult a medical treatment before attempting any of these exercises, each case is unique and only qualified physicians can judge what you should or should not do.


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