Three parts of drug recovery

Addiction recovery is not just a matter of "kicking the habit" and getting medicine or alcohol from one system. Although detoxification is part of the process, it's not even close to being the story of addiction. If you or someone you love works with recovery, you want to know more about the overall process.

Physical: Getting the drug or alcohol from one system and clearing your body and restoring it in a normal state is a part of addictions. It's important first step and it can be very challenging. The addict is taking a number of risk factors including physical compulsion to regain drug addiction. In addition, the body, currently approved for the drug, will rebel against its absence in what can be a painful process.

Psychological. Many addicts face psychological addiction in addition to or physical addiction. Repeating the mind to live without chemicals can be very difficult. Other psychological factors play a role in the process. People are forced to resort to many emotions and thoughts in recovery addiction. Although surgery and necessary steps toward general well-being, this can be emotionally comprehensive and / or quite difficult for many to deal with. A range of psychological and emotional views come into the image of recovery and one truly identifies the nature of his past actions and the consequences and difficulties that will introduce them to the new drug and their alcohol-free life.

barns. This is often overlooked element of recovery addiction. The spiritual life of man has a direct effect on addiction and gaining a sense of spirituality that can be an important weapon in the arsenal used to fight backlash. Twelve-step applications are largely based on perception of higher power for reason. Those who develop and foster their spiritual side are more likely to succeed in fraudulent water use. While this is not always in the form of traditional religious initiatives, those who participate in that kind of spiritual society can find the way to recovery at least slightly easier than those who do not.

Recovery from addiction is not a simple process. It includes physical, mental and spiritual things. If you do not understand the effect of addiction at all three levels and how they relate to addiction, it's hard to fully understand the challenge to someone who is recently clean.


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