The Root Cause Cravings and Addiction

Today, I would like to talk about a very important material that is constantly mentioned but never understood deeply …

How many of us have not been in situations where we want certain foods, certain emotions, feelings and relationships? How many of us have not developed certain drugs to compensate for the deception of lack and love?

Here's the matter …

You're as big as the universe; You are aware of what it is. You are whole, infinite and have all the resources you are looking for at your disposal now. And that's when the situation has clogged our identity and passion for life that we are not in touch with ourselves and our magnificent. And when this happens, our body begins to yearn for the light we have been suppressed.

Miracles come from self-esteem and suppress tones of our own being. And the solution we are looking for does not come from external sources that we are accustomed to following to find us again. The solution comes from full self-control and sings the full song of the self.

We have made room for some disturbance from being able to look freely at all and we are still not expressing (which is all). Our feelings have come as a matter of urgency because of the tendency to judge or vote for certain things, and we have created a heart with obsessive need to know.

It's our unnecessary need to know and our need to hear / see / validate what demands our feelings, because when emotion frightens us, we torment and speak out of them or restore them spiritually. We end them to suppress, which causes the needs of the heart.

In this case, it is only by giving up the lower pattern, the demands of the heart's heart and obsession need to be known. When you constantly lower the lower pattern, the need, the negativity and the noise, you will be less and less strict and life will always be stunning. Cravings fall away, addiction and bad habits, tempt, emotional, and so on … all these solve as you delight more and more light. When you lower the lower pattern, they can transform into more departments that support body development.

The greater the clarity and knowledge you have, the more density dissolves. And as density dissolves, the more you find fluidity in everything and the easier it is to surrender. Release & # 39; How do I give up, just follow certain moments of moments at the moment … remember you do not know anything. Submission no longer needs to be interpreted in order to control or figure out and confirm instead that what you need to know will come up in perfect divine timing.

So, in summary:
Self-learning is the root of all addiction and threats (for food, exercise, rigorous rules, content, interference, etc.). Addiction or programmed existence of consciousness and resources, which impedes one's ability to heal or develop. The antidote to life-driven addictions is a full self-introduction, giving up and acknowledging the divinity of all life.

I hope you found this helpful and I love hearing your thoughts and feelings about this! So, please leave your comments below.

In trust and submission,

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