The Paradox of Sex

It can be said that sex is the only addiction that is unavoidable. You can avoid alcohol, tobacco and hard and soft drugs by not taking them. Similarly, nobody needs to be addicted to gambling if they reject the first invitation to put nickel in a single robber or fill a football-pool coupon. All of these potential addictions are subject to an external organization, content and system, but sexual instincts are within us and we are not easy to escape from their bubbles. It may be for this reason that sex seems to occupy a larger place in our lives but an objective reason would allow.

Different communities have thought about managing sex in different ways, and control has been applied primarily through a religious office. Long time there were strict norm rules. Before Christianity, suppression was held to be the highest and marriage was considered an occasion for those who could not be customs, monks or nuns. There were a few individuals who were at home, but for the majority it was never achieved, and in recent times the failure has resolved in many disruptive cases of suppressing sexual orientation leading to four pedophilia institutions.

Islam struggled with the problem of sex and introduced some practical solutions. This involves allowing the increase of the number of four women without age limits. Women were forced to overtake their bodies to prevent incitement of male war. Urgency was achieved where necessary due to recruitment and recruitment, and in some Islamic and non-Islamic communities, female sexual intercourse was reduced by genitalia. Heavy punishments were applied if the rules were violated. The system seems to have been successful in improving control of passions in unreasonable and lawless times, but it clearly violates modern concepts of human rights, gender equality and child welfare.

In the wider communities in western countries, monogamy had long been a norm, and sex before or after marriage was judged, as were all deviations from homosexuality. Gradually, over time, these bonds have been loosened to the present today when all possible forms of association between adult adults are recognized. By unanimous relationships, only relationships with juveniles are illegal and much considered deceived. Although it is still widely practiced, its frequent exposure is greeted by a comprehensive expression of horror from the public and popular media. Very easy to understand is motivated exposure and motivated condemnation of all minor sexual abnormalities of individuals in the eyes of the public.

So after eternity dealing with sexuality problems, paradox is still. The mercy of humanity moves quietly into universal freedom to follow the inner constraints, but the suffering of sin underestimate weaknesses and cover up against those who suffer. Self-acting drugs are avoided, but sex is an innate challenge for both the individual and society.


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