The Five R & # 39; s dealing with stress


Stress is a combination of three things; (1) threatening potential stress, (2) your inability to cope with the threat, and (3) responses that activate energy to fight or escape from the threat.

Anything may be stress and trigger stress response under proper conditions. All possible stressors have one thing in common; they are threatening you somehow. What your mind tells you about your ability to cope with the threat determines whether it calls for stress response or not.

To conquer stress and prosperity, not only to survive in a stressful world, you need to control the stress that makes three:

– releases the power of your mind to stop stressful thinking

] – Releases Stress-Related Voltage and Energy In Healthy Ways

– Makes Your Stressors In Challenges Rather Than Focusing On You

Addressing on stress

Years ago, I developed a program to conquer a load called The Five R of Coping that does all three. The application uses five different levels of treatment that will teach you how to conquer stress and prosper in a fast and ever changing world. Five R are:




] Release


Each R contains several different methods that work independently or can be combined to make a comprehensive personal collision plan.


Rethink methods to conquer your stress use the power of the mind to shorten the stress reaction before it even begins. Your brain is a powerful organ that can both create and conquer stress. When you are affected by potential stress, your mind answers two questions immediately:

  1. "Is this threatening or harmful to me?"
  2. "Can I Deal With It?"

If the answers are; "yes it's threatening" and "no, I can not accept" the brain will immediately trigger stress response. The answers to your mind give you these two questions to determine whether you will be stressed. Often, what your mind tells you about these two questions is inaccurate, irrational and inefficient.

Rethink methods work by helping you understand how your mind works when you think about stress. You can learn how to shorten your stress response by changing how you think about the inefficient message that your mind gives you about threatening and harmful situations and your ability to cope with them.


Relax methods to defeat your stress teach you how to turn on a relaxation response that puts your body in a deactivated state and eliminates the effect of stress. Because the relaxation reaction is the exact opposite of stress responses, you can not stress and relax at the same time.

When you regularly turn your body off, you stop all unhealthy stress (increased blood pressure, hormone release, muscle spasm, etc.). In a sense, it's like recharging your batteries when stress is getting out of power. Relax methods such as breathlessness, breathlessness and visually easy learning, slowing down the first aid and relaxing your tight muscles.


Release methods to defeat your load by giving you a positive physical outlet for energy and muscle tension caused by stress responses. The stress reaction is about mobilizing energy to fight or escape from stressful effects. This energy and the excitement it creates brings you all the wounds and makes it difficult to concentrate, focus and sleep at night.

Release methods such as powerful physical activity and sex are healthy stores that exploit this energy and release this tension in a useful way. Make sure that you regularly release by-products helps you restore your focus and ability to rest and sleep when you need.


Reduce strategies teach you how to reduce the amount of stress in your life while maximizing what you are passionate about. Reduce strategies teach you how to turn your stress workers into challenges. Most spend a lot of valuable time on activities and thoughts that drain their energy and create stress. By reducing the amount of these stressors in your life, you can save the time and energy you want and need to focus on what you are passionate about and challenge yourself.

When you participate in too many pointless actions and have too many insufficient requirements in your time, you get too much and start losing your life and ability to enjoy yourself. Draw out strategies teach you how to find the perfect balance between work and play, and start feeling passionate about and challenging life again.


Restructuring methods to overcome your stress revolve around stronger health habits that make you more stress-resistant. Hardy health habits give you more energy and other resources to cope with stress. For example, the key to brain health is to get a 30-minute exercise daily.

Experts recommend combining finishing exercises such as walking or jogging at moderate speed with 8-10 strength training exercises like gravity. If you put this pure health habits into your lifestyle, you'll get more energy, need less sleep and have more mental focus. All three of these benefits will help you overcome your stress. Other hard-working health practices work the same way.

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