The Addict Brain

The addict brain is a special type. Abuse of alcohol and alcohol causes the brain to release the substance called THIQ, which actually changes the normal brain of drugs. The addict brain is a type of depression in normal condition and is only pleased with the instability "high".

Unfortunately, many people do not know when they try the first drug they may be well on their way to change their mind for the rest of their lives. When someone gets into chemistry and abuses drugs and alcohol, his brain dissolves the substance called THIQ, which keeps the brain from experiencing the normal state of existence for the rest of its life. The drug brain is only pleased with an unstable condition. A normal normal person can be reliable and satisfied without having much trouble. The brain of a normal person has five states: depression, sadness, pleasure, happiness and persecution. The drug brain finds only symptoms of depression and sadness at an adequate level and only fears happiness on an unstable level and is then used to perceive the amount that causes superficial persecution to normal extasia such as loving or giving birth to a new child is not a regular drug addiction. In other words, without drugs that are high from drugs or alcohol, the addicts never dream an unstable way that life sometimes calls. Addicts are at special disadvantages in trying to get clean and sober and usually work in the community.

An addict will find it difficult to find normal happiness and pleasure in a healthy normal life. Only exciting will be happy with drugs. It is important for an addict to exercise, this will release endorphins whose brain needs to feel happy and content. Exercise can be one of the few ways an addict brain can feel happy and content in a normal healthy life.

The conclusion is that the drug is physiologically different from an ordinary healthy person. The addict brain releases THIQ which is a mood that changes the subject that causes depression and grief in normal existence. Without the emotions of excitement, the addict never really dreames happy or content. One of the few ways an addict can find happily and content in a healthy life is to practice due to endorphins that are released.


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