Take control of your holiday stress

The holiday season is coming up quickly, as it always seems to do. This can create a lot of stress for many. But we can control how stressful this time of the year can be by planning ahead and making clear decisions. Here are suggestions to make your holiday enjoyable, not stressful.

Decide how you want your holiday.

Make clear decisions about budget, time and people. Eliminate the faith that you "should" and "must" from this time of the year. Do what you think is right and stop trying to please everyone. Take part in family and other important people in your planning so that you can reach a compromise.

Stay within budget.

Place a budget and keep it for cash or credit card purchases. Be company with these limits. So do not try to impress others with precious gifts. Give only those you really want to share a gift. See if there are people who will not agree to exchange gifts this year.

Plans to participate in activities that matter to you.

This may mean saying no to certain parties or other events that are "inputs". Take part in religious things that are meaningful to you. Be open to creating new traditions and activities for this time of year.

Keep decorating simple.

If you like to decorate, great, but maybe you can reduce what you need to do. Perhaps you do not have to install as many lights outside. Perhaps the tree could be smaller this year. Let others help and let the decorations be "perfect".

Give decorations as a gift.

Consider reducing your decorations by sending someone else who wants to enjoy them as a gift. Perhaps you know people who experience one of the hurricanes or other events this year that could use new decorations. Here is a chance to pick up someone who has a rough year who would enjoy getting new decorations. Check with local charity workers who want to love decorations for their facility.

Avoid shopping malls and shop online or local shops.

Online store is safe and secure. It saves travel time. Many times store the store for a gift meeting or for free! Be sure to allow enough time for delivery. Local shops are not as crowded as shopping malls and you are helping local merchants to be in business.

Organize in front of the party.

Cook meals in advance and freeze them. Organize a pot game so you do not have to cook everything. Consider ordering ready meals from restaurants and supermarkets. The time saved may be worth the cost. Let others decorate and avoid being "perfect".

Manage your postcards.

Send cards because you want and not because others expect you. Buy your games early and start adding them now. Allow others to deal with and write the cards and let them be "perfect". The kids could now be old enough to help. Perhaps this is a tradition you can release this year.

Have a plan to deal with "difficult people".

Sometimes this season means we need to meet people we find "difficult", whether it's a relative or another. Take responsibility for your responses and actions with these people. Leave it to be "right". Be clear about your goals with people. Be clear about your own goals with time and money.

Like everything in life, everything comes down to our own attitude. Our attitude determines how much stress we will experience. Be clear about your value and what is very important to you. Enjoy what you like at this time of the year and ignore what you do not like.

Organization and clarity is what can help balance the festival. First, explain how you want your holiday. Develop a plan to create the type of vacation you want. Be flexible, be sure of yourself, and know that you can have a happy vacation season.


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