Stroke knowledge: Can stress be good for you?

Stress is a word we hear so often, but what does it really mean? Stress, simply, is a reaction to any change, whether it's positive or negative. Loss of work or loss of loved ones obviously creates stress, but it is also getting married, a new presentation or even sending your child to college. Stroke levels vary depending on how we interpret an event. This new task is going to a nightmare; This new project will initially have a learning line, but will totally give me the visibility to pass me in the process.

Stress can help you concentrate, increase performance and improve efficiency. Do you know people who do their best work under pressure and thrive on stress? My university is waiting for the deadline for completion of the project at the last minute. The adrenaline rush helps him to concentrate and do his most productive work. However, I've always planned things in advance, but have also experienced how stress can help us do things we did not even know that we could, at least for a short time. Once, when I drove on a deserted road, I came across someone who broke out of a serious car accident. In 35 minutes, the ambulance took place, I managed first aid that I do not remember learning. When the server came, I walked over to the side of the road and did what I usually do with blood eyes; I went out.

Many of us have heard miracle stories; Mothers lift cars to free their toddlers. It's not that we're overrated; We are only wired to respond immediately to push or life-threatening situations with the development of "fight / flight", otherwise known as stress response. Thousands years ago, our main focus was on the basic elements; Does it eat me or do I eat it? Then the load was complete or you were with.

Today's stressors tend to be prolonged and mental rather than physical harassment. If our blood pressure rises every time a lion is on our tail, then it is adaptable. If it grows every time we have excited moments with a colleague or family member, we may be on our way to cardiovascular disease. A fast flood of adrenaline was a gift from the native language. If every time a sable dental tiger appears, we had to hold a meeting to decide how to respond, we would no longer be on earth.

But what if we keep adjusting all the time? Finally, productivity rejects, not talking about the impact of our physical and emotional well-being. Since there is no stress, productivity is also low. The key to optimal productivity is moderate stress. Stress, body part of the body at risk or change, developed to help us survive. As long as we learn how to keep it from our surfer, it still can.


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