Stress Management – Your Pressure-proof Holiday

The holidays are easy to access. Are you feeling stressed and overwhelmed, instead of being happy to see? With so many competitive commitments and needs in our modern life, preparation for the festival can feel like a harmful role. I will share 5 key things to help you get a stress free vacation, so you can enjoy instead of "endure" the vacation.

1. Emphasize what matters

What does the holiday mean for you? Is it special time with loved ones, gratitude, renewal, hope, cultural or family traditions, relationships with old friends, serving society, religious meaning, etc.? Find out what's important to you and set clear plans to focus only on these things.

2. Practice the 3-D Rule

Once you've decided what's important to you, you can then do a list of tasks and use the 3-D rule to decide whether to do it yourself, deliver someone else or drop it completely your task list. Ask yourself: What am I trying to accomplish? How important is it to do this task / activity? Is it very necessary to do this task / activity, or go to this action? (if not, remove it from your list of tasks) Am I doing it because I want or because I feel obliged to do it?

Stop "setting" over you. Know consciously what activities and tasks you receive. Ask yourself: Is this activity (cooking, cleaning, baking, shopping, hosting family receptions, seeing your answers, etc.). Giving me joy or stress? Can anyone else do it for me? Reach your family, friends and people in your community. It's great to get to your support network and / or to be part of any support network. Can you help less someone else's burden and help them celebrate the festival with greater ease?

3. Simplify your holiday

Forget to be perfect. Emphasize what is important and meaningful to each tradition, but be flexible about how it is done. Keep some freerolls that you like and try to simplify your rest.

Always ask yourself: "Are there other (easier) ways to do what will serve the same purpose?" For example, do you really need to come out every holiday ornament you own?

If the purpose of sending out a frieze is to relate to your family and friends, is it necessary to send handwritten or even handmade cards? Must yousend out all the cards before Christmas? My school professor has sent me "festival fees" in March last year. I'm equally excited to receive their cards, letters or pictures. Indeed, it seems more special when it comes to holiday.

If you buy a gift for all families and family members is a terrible (at least not expensive) venture, why not play "Secret Santa" game this year so each person just has to buy a gift for one person?

If your goal is to have a good time with your family and relatives at the party, is it really necessary for you to cook all the way all by yourself? I have a customer who ended up cooking a big thank-you, because she could not say no and did not ask for help. If you like cooking or baking, please show all your right dishes. But if you find yourself wondering about the idea of ​​entertaining a full house with the cooking of your household, ask yourself: May I ask some family members to bring a small dish? Or, as some of my friends did for this thanksgiving, you can order all the dinner from somewhere else and forget to cook in full. Instead of spending time at work in the kitchen, you can actually sit back and relax and have a conversation with your loved ones.

4. Guess

One of your goals should take care of you so you can enjoy the holiday too. Practicing Self-defense self-defense is extremely important, especially when under pressure.

"Many try to do too much, try to please too many," says Kenneth Goodrick, a doctorate in family and social studies at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston. He is a psychiatrist and author of the book, energy, peace, purpose. "Remember that happiness and satisfaction are in balance between self-defense and caring for others," he says. "Make sure you do not burn out, so you'll be at the maximum to help others. That's where you get the most fulfilling."

I can not agree more. No benefit when you're stressed and burned out on holidays. So be sure to schedule enough breaks and enjoyable tasks for you throughout the holiday season. Choose healthy foods and try to get some exercise from free-time activities. Keep up with your favorite self-employed habits and spiritual habits (eg yoga, meditation, reading), so you will be well-behaved and focused. Do not forget to reward yourself for work done well!

5. Enjoy modern times

Holidays should be fun and fun! I often use "fun" as a benchmark for selecting the projects I'm pursuing, because it's one of my fundamentals. Perhaps you do not like fun as an important part of the festival. Sometimes there are other meanings (religion or not) that are important to you. It does not matter. It's important to be fully present in all the projects you choose to do on holiday, enjoy modern times and enjoy each other. Do not worry about what's still needed or what you did not do perfectly.

Embrace the experience and meaning of each activity. You will have a much richer experience, more joy and stress-less vacation.
© Copyright 2006 Hueina Su


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