Stress Management – What we can learn from our pets

In the eighth commission, this last April was designated as "Depression of Awareness Month". While we may have read a little about it at the point of the fall and holiday approach, we can do well to remind ourselves of strategies to deal with stress that we can use now, during this stressful time. Because our media are asked to stimulate anxiety rather than focus on news and technology, pet owners can look at the source they have right there at home to learn about stress and how to deal with it better. their pets. Pets can teach us a lot about how to deal with stress and dissatisfaction in our lives today.

Here and now – We tend to observe and then instill our world and all the chaos; So we are watching TV, negotiations with trying to complete projects, try to browse the latest "please listen, our options have changed" message we ignore what is happening in our own environment, our own body. We are ignoring "here and now".

Pets live in now, this very moment home. Every treat is the best treat ever, which walk is the most fun and exciting hiking trail they ever took, every bullshit and stomach dryness are the most nutritious and special they always have and who they are grateful for. The difference is that they are not busy in an "exhausted" mess, what happens tomorrow, why is this happening now, what's going on; thoughtful, unequivocal and intolerable world we immerse ourselves in. What matters most to our pets is here, now, who's with me and how can I enjoy this ? How do I get this adventure?

"Cat Naps" and Meditation – Pet Nap Much. While this may not be practical for us, lessons are learned from observing them. Look at your pets, often when they are in a white place, are they napping? Many times you can observe that they are stuck in front of the spirit. Are you worried about the next meal, what's next next, who loves them, is something they should worry about? Probably not, they are at the moment, being alone with their bodies and simply breathing in and out. We can learn a lesson in this. A short snack or two may be on time, but if it does not take a moment, look straight to the fastest point, go into the body and calm your mind, take care of your breath and take some deep good spirits; "stomach rises …. stomach falls". You must be amazed at the peace of mind.

Frequent Stretches – How often do you see your cats, dogs, hamsters, even birds take a big long stretch and shake it out? We can learn from this as well. Our poor bodies are reducing all daily stress and becoming more and more dense, dense, rigid and closed as the day goes by. Think about your pets; once while they just streettttcccchhhh …… Try it. Take a deep breath, lean back over your chair, throw your arms in the air and streetttccchhhh … shake it out. Stand up from that seat, office chair or sofa, now your tiptoes (you've seen your pets do it too), stretch your calves, feet and ankles and deep breath. Release the breath slowly and shake it off. In the morning, take one minute after the alarm or when the child is crying for the next meal and streeettttccchhhh will get blood and good oxygen that flows into all the sleepy corners of tissues and minds. Our pets do this often during the day and we can follow and learn this lesson from them.

Our world is full of stress, but we can control how we deal with it. Look at your pets, look at how they navigate that day, learn some lessons from them and most of all, enjoy here and now with them as they read and thank you so much.


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