Stress Management – Understanding 4 Different Types of Stress

We are all dealing with stress in one form or another. Whether it comes in the form of small problems, such as having to wake up on Monday morning for work, or a lot of issues, such as dealing with a family crisis, the bodies look at such tension daily. How each one deals with each of these stressful situations is what determines how shocked or positive we are affected in the long run.

Psychologists say there are four types of mental stress and people from all walks of life are dealing with at least one of them in their lives.

1. Eustress is a healthy and positive form of stress and it is experienced when an individual reaches a goal or is rewarded for success. Usually it understands one feeling fulfilled.

2. Emergency is the overall opposite of Eustress and is the most common form of stress. It often gives one sense of anxiety or mental strain. This is something we all enjoy in our daily lives and often we do not even after it happens.

3. Acute stress occurs immediately and is high but often reduces first aid and the body is the way to get you to control the situation. This may occur when an individual is threatened in some way and may even occur even if there is only a reported threat. Symptoms may include anxiety, bad judgment and depression.

4. Worst form of stress is chronic stress which is the result of the body being under constant stress. Our bodies can see a certain excitement to help us cope with dangerous situations. When the body is under pressure due to pressure in the workplace, busy traffic, family pressure, worries about money and health problems, and this lasts for a long time, it becomes dangerous and can lead to serious illness.

There are many different ways to fight stress, some more helpful than others. Most people talk to a physiotherapist about their issues and sometimes your doctor will prescribe medicines to help reduce stress. But drugs are usually only blocking pain and symptoms related to their anxiety come back once upon discontinuation. There are of course more comprehensive stress relief and management options that we should first review.

No matter what pressure you might be underneath, it's not good for you to strain you all the time. Our modern lifestyle forces a lot of stress on us, but you need to be aware of what stress you are under and how it affects you. Pay attention to your body and if you need help to get through stressful situations do not wait. The faster you can relieve your tension, the fewer symptoms you will suffer from in the long run.


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