Stress Management – Type A – Personality and Stress – The Perfect Storm

Stress and Type A personality are like kissing aunt. Just close enough to be a little dangerous. Have you ever seen the movie "The Perfect Storm?" This film was based on a reality festival that took place in October 1991, but a storm that is stronger than anyone in a registered story was on the beach in Gloucester, Massachusetts. This "Perfect Storm" – so-called three storms united in one – created almost an apocalyptic state in the Atlantic, where boats experience the waves 100 feet – equivalent to ten-story construction. These storms are some of the strongest and most terrible signs of nature.
The perfect stress storm –

An overview to make a list – can be hurrifying if you feel like you've failed when you can not do everything you're going to do.

Over-Achiever – Hoping to perform better and succeed can cause severe stress symptoms when you find that you can not achieve all your tasks.

Personality Type – Have you ever been told that you have a personality A. You might be afraid to think this is just the type of perfection you are driving to achieve. But it can cause endless stress if you fail to meet your requirements.

Do you like to relax easily or hardly. Is it really impossible for you to sit still and relax? What happens when you do not have the internet available or if the connection is too slow. Do you have a little queue when your phone is switched off or if you feel vibrating but you can not answer or even see who is calling – does it send you a fuss?

What about your plan – is it rigid or flexible. As the plan grows, you feel more intense or even more important. Are you answering spending time with your family during vacation time, then I need to contact my schedule before I can accept your invitation at dinner and consider yourself on schedule.

Do you want your body to even know how to relax? Unwind by organizing some stress-promoting activities, as if you were planning a business project or meeting. If you are dedicated to making a list, estimate some effort on your list. Create a selection of items that you like to do. Some options are:

o 30 minutes walk
o Time to contemplate
o Deep breath
o Mental health when you do not work for one full day
o Turn off cell Phone and computer in An hour

You need to take the same level of commitment and dedication caring for your body and mind. Create your own perfect storm with the pressure 3:
Show – Know stress tests that affect our daily lives;
Release – Release stresses that we can save ourselves;
Renew – Learn to deal with stressful situations in a healthy way

And I would like to invite you to use this information to build your muscle mass muscle today.


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