Stress Management Tips – Two things you can overcome the job position

Have you ever been at work and you were so heavily burdened that you feel like jumping out or even getting out of work? Well at least until the reality was kicked in and you came to the conclusion that you needed your job to pay your bills. If you have it, once you have reached the level or level, then the main thing you have to do is calm down. If you are able to pause and leave the facility, you should do it. If you are not able to leave the gym you should try something as simple as chewing gum or squeeze tennis balls.

# 1 Chew Bubble Gum
1. Put down on the table and put the bubble wipe in your mouth.
2. Wait slowly on the tub rubber and then release slowly.
3. As you slowly chew the ball, close your eyes and show number 1 in your head.
4. Enter number 1 in your head
5. What color is your number 1? Is it blue, yellow, green or other color?
6. Slowly bite down on the ball rubber and let go slowly.
7. With your eyes closed, look at number 2 in your head.
8. Track number 2 in your mind. Can you see the lines of number 2 in your mind?
9 What color is your number 2? Is it purple, red, orange or other color?
10. You should continue this process until you think 20 or until you calm down. Anyone coming comes first.

# 2 Squeeze Tennis Ball
1. Sit in your chair at your table with your tennis ball in your left hand
2. Breath in and out and count slowly. When you breathe in and out, say number 1
3.Set the stress ball as firmly as you can, drop and relax the ball in the center of your hand
4. Focus on your hand and imagine all the left-hand tension your hand to your fingertips.
5. Pay attention to tension in your left hand when you squeeze the tennis ball when your hand is completely relaxed.
6 Repeat the process until you consider the number 10
7. Next, squeeze the tennis ball and curl your left arm like and you are making bicep curls
8. Tense your fist, forearm and bicep. Hold the tension and release
9. Let your arms go out and your hands float back to the left thigh. Let the tension flow out of your arms.
10. When you have completed a left-handed exercise, put the tennis ball on your right and start again.

The way chewing gum and / or squeezing tennis balls help you get back to your inner state of mind by looking at an exciting situation and focusing on something that's peaceful. Counting 1-10 and breathing slowly in and out are two proven methods that people have used for centuries to help them calm themselves when they are under stress.


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