Stress Management – The Diet Route!

Since stress is considered more psychological, many people are not aware that diet can play an important role in stress retardation. Certain types of foods expand the physical stress symptoms while others reduce physical stress symptoms.

Ayurveda, ancient Indian medicine, says that the food we eat has an important role to play in the way that mind and body work. Certain foods cause more stress while others relax the mind and body. Therefore, it is obvious that certain foods should be avoided during stress and some that should be consumed more than others.

Sugar is nothing but empty calories and is taken immediately after its ingestion and immediately increases the adrenal glands. Here you are welcome to have candy. But what you must realize is that it damages the adrenal glands as they are already cleared. It's like putting them on steroids. The body also uses enzymes, vitamins and minerals from their savings account to process sugar. For some time, a diet rich in sugar reduces the body's vitamins and minerals and makes it weaker and more susceptible to stress.


Other foods that cause adrenal glands to function a lot are caffeine. Caffeine is present in coffee, tea and cabbage and given a large amount of these drinks we consume, stress is obviously higher in this generation compared with previous ones.

Refined and processed foods

Highly processed foods like white flour (present in bread to a large extent) have nothing but empty calories and are opaque nutrients. These refined foods do not have fiber too. This causes constipation and the body can not effectively waste waste and toxins.

To improve the sarcasm of the situation, these processed foods are first removed from nutrients and vitamins, and then later specifically promoted to attract consumers seeking better and healthy products. It is much better to have natural and healthy food to maintain natural nutrients that are part of nature.

Food to be favorite

A very nutritious diet is what the body needs to fight stress. Complete foods like whole wheat, oats, whole grains, fruits, vegetables are what you should contain as part of your diet. Make sure these fruits and vegetables are not processed and canned but fresh and raw. Fruits and vegetables contain a lot of fiber and help it by facilitating the elimination of toxic and waste. They also take more time to digest and release energy slowly and steadily compared to short cracks in energy-related energy. As a result, you do not feel hungry between meals and your energy levels through constant flow.

We are what we eat. By changing our perspective to nourish our bodies while satisfying the tastes of our buds, we can go a long way to building a healthy and stressful body.


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