Stress Management Techniques for Men and Women

Work, family, credit card debt, mortgage (s), finance, affiliated lawyers; What goes through your mind and how does your body react when you think about what each of these words means to you?

Take Sam and Sally as an example. Sam's colleague received only news that he has been released from his job, which has provided his family for the last 15 years. He had a family, two housing loans, credit card debt and elderly related laws that require special care every year. Sam comes home to find his wife, Sally, to have dinner for her children. She takes one face on Sams face and knows something that's wrong. (Sam, in fact, could be in a bad shock!)

To make a relaxing guided tour, Sam returns to the family room, puts on the couch, turns on the TV and focuses on the screen. Sally comes in and inevitably asks the question "what's wrong?" After a great performance, Sam tells her he is released from his job. Sally wants to talk about it and Sam wants to keep watching TV, thinking if there's nothing he can do and no way to solve the problem, why talk about it? Sally immediately receives a telephone with his closest friend and spends an hourly processing that just happened. Sam retreats, Sally connects.

Here are some communication suggestions that also help reduce Sam and Sally's stress:

How Sam can do with Sally: Talk about feelings, friendship, support – talk about emotions and right brain actions. What does she need from him to do it despite the day with lower stress? It is probably less than he imagines. Just asking how she is doing several times a day goes a long way. And a little quiet time with him at the end of the day also helps a lot, the opportunity to share his thoughts and feelings and hear his plans.

How Sally can refer to Sam: Speak in terms of concrete, workplace reality – speak in terms of logic and left brain actions. In support mode, ask him how the search is going. Be prepared for accurate response. "I called this guy, and he said so and so, so I've met him tomorrow. And so on.

Here are some tips for stress relief:


1 Stay connected Good friends are big supporters and nourishing. Keep maintaining a healthy relationship with the people you surround yourself.
2. Award yourself at the end of a stressful day short period and allow you to fully relax, even if it be just a moment of deep breathing. Remember that you need time to reload and take advantage of dealing with the other day.
3. Monitor your tension. You have a daily confirmation or calendar, you can assess your level of stress on each day from 1-10. This will give you a good measure of where you are and where you want to be.
4. Monitor the causes Keep a few comments on what happens every day When something comes up, emphasize your score and over time you will begin to see a pattern that causes your stress.


1. Take a deep breath and do not despair: You're a goodman and start to see where you have finance, savings, etc.

2. Set 4 levels of work schedule, all logically related and in sequence:
a. Map out plan: Look at map. Draw some kind of feature around your home, go as far as you're comfortable driving. It's your search.
b. Sign up for your work opportunities: Google in your field and the city within the search box. These are your options. Enter the address and phone number.
c. Contact Schedule: Enter the names of the companies you like best with a schedule, and make a call, say 10 in the morning and 10 in the morning. Within a week you should have a list of interviews that are installed.
d. Set up time with a job coach to keep you in the right and responsible way.

3. Do not delay: Managing the job search and practicing effective time management should help your stressfulness decrease.

4. Pause: A walk around the block or deep breathing can help clean your head, keep calm and give you a new perspective.

Stress management of men and women can be different, but the goal is the same.

Reducing stress through stress management strategies will strengthen your relationships and help you live more fulfilling and happier lives.


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