Stress Management: stress and pressure

Just one day, I invite you to make a critical distinction between stress and stress.

"But are not they the same?" You might be thinking about yourself.

Indeed, they are very different. And that's a difference, too.

Stress or pressure?

What is your biggest source of stress? Is it work, family, finance or something else?

Whatever the greatest source of your stress, it's something unwelcome that prevents you.

Stress comes into our lives from the outside, like an idiot driver or a deadline at work.

Most of the time we think of stress and pressure as the same thing.

It is not because pressure is an "in-house job".

This is because pressure is what we say about stress.

For example, in the example above, stress is the time at work. We add pressure when we think or say things like

"It's not fair! I'll never get all this done!"

A much stronger approach (within work) would be asking yourself

"How many ways can I get all this done, and even more and enjoy the process?"

Some would say that this is just playing with semantics. I would say that it's all semantics and that it's using the power language to change your life!


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