Stress Management – Six solutions to stop free flow

Holiday Overwhelm Is Stressful

Today, I heard a very satisfactory professional female confirmation feeling quite stressed and overwhelmed due to busy work and family plan. She has not yet a Christmas tree and has social or voluntary duty every night until Christmas.

Six Free Streaming Solutions

If you are in a similar situation, here are six solutions to help you throughout this holiday season. Sign up with these tips with the holiday season for next year to give you the start, keep calm, cool and relax so you can celebrate what's very important to you in 2009.

1. Learn to say "No," to many requests for your help and presence. You can say, "Sorry, but I have another commitment," when your commitment is to be home to sleep for a good hour so you are healthy for the season. You can say no to me very much: "I wish I could clothe myself and enjoy the event, but considering everything that's happening to me, it just does not seem that it will fit in. Let the program last for a long time. Talk to reach right after the New Year!" Think about it. You can only change your energy so many ways before breaking apart. Caring for yourself does not only relieve stress, it allows you to be available and available to very important people and the core values ​​of your life.

2. Otherwise, you learned to say "I'm not sure." Can I get back to you after a few days with my decision? "If you tend to want to please others or fit in socially, this is an excellent flow management system. Buy some time for more information, look carefully at your calendar and think if you can see this project or social event. Maybe even more More importantly, make sure your feelings about it align your thoughts. If your mind says you should "go, but your feelings are dragging, then keep an eye on. If you think it sounds like fun, but your sensible self thinks you'll regret it, listen up. Another good reason, but you are less stressed, remind you that it is better to give off a cup than a cup but half empty. Pay off your internal conflict and make a decision about less stress all over the place.

3 If you have already taken your time and energy and are struggling to maximize, renew your plans. Call your host or volunteer coordinator and explain the situation. See if there is a way you can fulfill your responsibility so that you can not join a group, but still take care of yourself. "Can I bring my kitchen cookies to your house when I drive home and get the container back next week? I think you have enough volunteers to handle sales!" It's likely that people understand if you find too overrated and can not do it. Do not happen though. It's better. to say "No" at the beginning, so to reduce my stress, learn to think carefully before you agree to participate.

4. Teach your children to consult you about your family diary before accepting your own. Especially if you need a driver or chaperone, let each child choose one or maybe two actions a week – if and only if they are good for family plans . Even teens need to understand the value of family time during the festival. After their protests, they can be secretly informed that you set limits and will benefit from the time to relax at home with regular family and holiday.

5. Choose two or three home nights every week for everyone to be quiet, fun or no Ssary things as a family. This serves as a "private maintenance" to combat stress for each family member – time to plan ahead, prepare for important scheduled travel and maintain overall cleanliness and internal peace. These evenings help to balance the devastating frenzy that so many people fall into, even in our current narrowed economy.

6. If you're alone, do not run away from time on your own . Look at the nutritious and supportive things you can do in a few quiet home evenings so you do not fall into "bad me, least for the festival" strain. Use these nights to strengthen and nourish you within. Upcoming music, movies, books or websites, time to meditate or meditate, and time in thoughtful journal entries can all be ways to be one in a rewarding and relaxing way.


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