Stress Management – redefining creativity for your stress growth

Create with your hands, heart and mind can be significantly healing. And often creativity seems to reduce stress. I will redefine creativity in the light of life satisfaction and stress, and I invite you to take a look at these ideas in your own efforts to control stress.

Creating something tangible seems to satisfy the human resource entrepreneurs who are too often neglected or not recognized in our stressful rush to cope with the 21st century's pressure.

One of my smaller but pleasurable creative tasks (solving problems) was to make the handle on my favorite pancake cookie. I tore the broken pieces, browsed a sturdy yarn around the handle and cemented it with more elmer. Fifteen years later, it's still my favorite spade and I smile every time I use it.

Being creative, taking an active part in your life, takes you out of your head, out of your emotional attacks and in a positive and productive territory. Have you ever worked out your stress by clearing out a cabinet? With my free definition, I consider it creative.

Taking creative action is sufficient. You can view your performance – clearing your desk is part of creating a serene workplace – and you can say, "Yes, I did."

Creating perfection does not matter. The process of creating is what will bring you out of stress and into a stunning new dimension.

A few years ago, when I recovered from stress-related illnesses, I created some doll head from Super Sculpey, but only really finished one doll. Galdra was shouting these faces – catching old man, egyptian queen, genius baby and woman embracing the world. These little numbers now live in a closet, but the hours i destroy them are clean in memory with ease. Sculpture was one key in my healing since years of stressful working environment.

Creating a product – from mundane to majestic – directs you in a positive way. It's very hard to worry and arise when you're busy doing something. As a result, your creative activity creates anxiety, frustration and stress.

I know I'm not writing enough when I get fun ideas while I'm driving. When I start pore more words on pages, I stop focusing on my imagination. Worries do not have room to grow.

Consider redefining how you think about creativity. Look at everything you do that is creative, positive, productive. Recognize yourself for fighting stress with all your creative actions. Look for more specific ways you can create to combat your individual stresses. Build in one or two creative actions – draw, work with tools, volunteers – that take you into fulfilling a progressive moment and out of your old stresses.


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