Stress Management – Put God First

The only thing I've learned in my life about how to deal with stress and maintain inner peace is, "You must put God first." Growing up, I've always heard saying "Put God First" but I never really knew what it meant. In the past, I received the idea of ​​putting God first. I thought if I went to church every sunday, I was putting God first. I also thought that if I read the Bible every day, I was putting God first. I now realize that going to church every sunday and reading daily your Bible are all ways to hide God in your life but doing this alone does not necessarily mean you are putting God first. The way I first place on God is to ask God for guidance in all areas of my life.

I used to get into stressful circumstances and then I would pray to God to free myself from my stressful circumstances. Now, instead of waiting to pray when I'm in a mess, I get up early every morning and I spend time praying to God and asking God to lead me in my step and direct me as I go through day. Ask God to show me how to eat right and show me how to make a better relationship with others. I also pray for God to bless my job and show me how to get out of debt.

I pray to God for everything. I first put God! When I started putting God first, I found a new part in inner peace. And guess what? My life is not so stressful. In fact, my life is peaceful and my mind is at ease. I honestly trust that God will live beyond me and lead me in the right direction. I believe that it is God who gives us inner peace and if he gives us it, he will help us maintain it. All we have to do is ask for his help.


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