Stress Management – Listen to the body to reduce stress

Can you listen to the body to reduce stress?

Do you know how to listen to your body (on tension, pain, pain and common diseases) and respond to wisdom and self-compression for stressfulness?

No special requirement required

You do not have any special skills, just a desire to monitor your own physiology experience. With a little workout, you can easily learn how to use your body condition and physical activity as a measure of your stress level.


Once you've set up your physical activity, you can explore connections and deal with oneself to reduce your stress.

Common Shoulder Tension

For example, are your shoulder tight and wound? This is one of the most common and usual areas to keep tension and stress.

Pay attention to your shoulders. Without trying to change anything, be aware of the inconvenience you feel there. If your shoulders could speak, what would you tell about your stress? Imagine a conversation between you and your shoulders. Or imagine the shoulders that show you stress, or just feel the feel of your shoulders like stress.

When you notice, you do not have to try to change anything in your shoulders. Just follow. Perhaps you will be aware that you are running at a perfection at work or having a high financial burden. Maybe your shoulders are "dense" because you see your mother-in-law who interfere with your marriage.


When you get a good awareness of the cause of tension, you may find "Aha" moments, or you may notice that your breath changes and the body naturally relaxes a little bit.

Extend Your Love

Here is an independent sympathetic community.

1. Extend passion and care for tension in the body and stressful condition that seems to be the shock.

2. Try yourself something like, "What would have been a solution to this condition? What is my heartbeat in these circumstances?" To reduce stress, you want a solution as you take care of yourself.

As you focus on solutions and even more when you create effective solutions, you may find that you have renewed energy to continue and much of your stress is solved. At that point, any workout, hot tub or good night can reduce your body's blood pressure.


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