Stress Management – Learn How To Teach Spelling Using Hip Hop, Double Dutch, and Superman

I work at high risk of youth, most of them are African America, and I often need to assist them with their homework. Helping young people to work their homework can be very stressful sometimes because they get very frustrated easily when they can not understand the concepts quickly. What I've learned about working with African-American youth is that they will always learn easier if they have a beat. So, when I'm helping the teen to learn how to spell my spelling word, I use a rhythm to teach them. For example, I know that the teen uses hip hop music so i use hip hop music to show them how to memorize the spelling word.

Tip # 1 Make Hip Hop Song
1.Get the teen to make a story of his spelling words. Most likely, the story is related to the situation and it is at their level.
2. Allow teens to choose their favorite hip hop song. Make sure it's a game of instrument play
3. Solve teens to sort their story and spell the words over
4.If they can spell the words while they're racing they would have been able to learn how to to spell their spelling words.
5. Sometimes it may be necessary to make more than one song.

Tip # 2 Play Double Dutch
When I need to assist the African-American girls with their homework spelling, one of the things I do is show them how to spell their words while they are jumping ropes. are jumping double Dutch you sing alongside the rope while you're jumping. Together, the girls and I make the story by using their spelling words and they resell the story and spell the words while they are jumping ropes.

Tip # 3 Play Superman
When I assist the youngest children with their homework, I learn less stressfully by keeping my attention and pretending to play Superman. I actually put the youngest kids on a red cap and I put a big big "S" on the chest with a building paper. I assist them in learning their spelling words by pretending they are Superman and that they must save the spelling words.

How to play Superman

1. Write the spelling word on a video card.
2.View that the villain has taken the flash card. "Help Me Help My Superman"
3. The Superman Has to Rescue the Word of a Blink
4. Before "Superman" can save a word, he has to judge the word and then spell it.
5. When "Superman" can say and spell word correctly, Superman can only save a word.

Helping young people with their homework can be very stressful but it does not have to be. Helping the children just needs creativity and great patience. If you want to learn less stressfully, just figure out how to keep young people's attention and make them interesting and fun.


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