Stress Management – Kissus Interruptus for stress relief

Stress Relief Now

I suppose if you read this, you are probably anxious adult. With all your responsible roles and daily activities you may fall into a "be-there, do-it" syndrome. In addition to pushing and running yourself to succeed and struggling with stress and tension like a statutory brand, you can be a little emptied and bored, forget to be fully involved at the moment.

Maybe, like me, you sometimes find one of your biggest fun, waking up at night and listening to your skin, "wrink, wrink, wrink."

I propose that, in order to combat the slightest of stress, cynicism and other typical medieval attitudes, we focus on living right now – being fully involved at the moment.

Being perfectly present is easy in youth – everything looks new! Looking at the fresh eyes of youth can inspire us today.

Magical from Louisiana Hayride

Let me describe by telling you a little story. When I was fourteen years old, in Shreveport, Louisiana, I liked [elsti drengurinn]
. He was fifteen. He seemed tender and had a hot smile. We sang both in the children's choir.

For the most part, we were in full time just watching each other from one choir to another. It was quick. . . I think I might like you. Another view. I think you might like me. Look away soon. I think you think I might like you. My heart went all the more complicated and there were some other emotions that I could not easily identify at the time. And then the choirmaster would say, "Ilenya, are you singing with us or against us?"

When Bobby asked me about the fall of the Methodist Youth Fellowship, I was unstable!

So here we are at hayride. It is beautiful in October evening, not very cold. We are sitting on the edge of old-fashioned trolleys, with some hay-bales behind us to rest ourselves. Horses group reduces each cart. We hear clop clop on hooves, sometimes knicker and snail of patient groups, and chatter and laughter of the other kids around us.

Bobby is on the right, and now we are shy to hold our hands. We gently swing our feet over the side of the wagon, usually kicking the air, trying to think of things to say and still be cool.

My internal discussions are: "Oh my God, I can not breathe, we think!" So I say: "How long until they start cooking the bread?"

Behind our trolley are some children who go steady, really smooching and doing out. How disgusting! But sometimes I just have to check back there. How are they kissing so much?

On my left is Billy. Billy has had the pain to annoy me a lot. My girlfriend thinks he's breastfeeding me. Only recently, he tried to work my heart by swallowing a live tad pole. . . .

Blasted skyscraper conspiracy to help the night with Bobby. It starts to rain – just enough to let everyone draw a brown blanket over our heads to be dry. Oh, magic! Here I am under a blanket with my date! Just our two in our own little world.

As the carriage moves slowly across the country, Bobby leans and I get closer. Our shoulders are
touch. I can hear his breathing. Our head slopes closer. Our temple touches. Always so slowly, turn our heads against each other. I can feel the breath and his skin. Then, slowly, slowly, our lips meet, light like butterfly wings. Nothing else exists.

At the moment, Billy loves me in the ribs. "Hey, girl," he says, "how are your feet straight in the air like this?"

This is clearly the case kissus interruptus !

I peer out of under my blanket. Are they my feet that expand from the trolley? I never even miss them. .

Zest and Adventure for Stress Threats

Now we can not go to the first kiss every day, but we can live with anxiety and interest, with a sense of freshness and adventures daily. I guarantee that if you're happily involved in activities you like, you'll forget your stress and renew your breath soon!

What is your favorite hobby? Can you lose yourself in nature? Perhaps a romantic evening with your partner or spouse will bring you at the moment.

Here and now lessons for stress relief

Looking back, here's what we can learn from that incredible moment on my first day.

Knowing that you are fully present and practiced at the moment

1) Let you know that you are really alive!

2) Do you like young!

3) And when you are fully present and perfect at the moment, even when Billies of
life creates wrinkles in your experience, you turn back fast!

4) Stress expire and you feel refreshed, peaceful and content.

Seriously, folks, claiming to be present at the moment, is a great way to relieve stress and enjoy more inner peace. When you are a perfect participant in living your life for a moment, you will be surprised what you can achieve and how clean and happy it looks. The trick is to choose what you deserve most and enjoy and, as much as possible, spend your time and energy doing it. You will live with greater inner peace and much less stress!


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