Stress Management in Business – Why is it ok?

Stress reaction: What is it?

Stress is a reaction, process.

The reaction begins with perception: We see, perceive or experience a danger or significant change in our position as the brain interpreted as a threat.

Our bodies immediately enter a fight / route: Adrenaline floods through us, the eyes
become persistent and active, the hearing shifts, the heart rate increases, the blood pressure rises
and the digestive system closes. We emphasize "danger" so that other things
are unnoticed.

In most cases there is no fight (which would solve the situation) and flight is impossible.
There is no escape financial problems, illness, bad news, excited workplace, grief or

Our bodies continue in an increased warning, still ready to fight or escape, with
periodic increase and decrease in intensity.

Within a few days, the reaction, most, becomes "normal" and we begin to describe
as "worried". This is a sign that the stress now appears as given on the spiritual display. Every time we emphasize what is given as a reality in our minds, we expand our response to stress. The brain does not record the difference between the actual danger and the spiritually perceived risk, and the response to "concern" is the same as if the event was actually happening. (Therefore,
cry, get angry or be "excited" when watching movies.)

Since the body is not meant to be in combat / flight for more than a few hours
begin to experience changes appetite, mood swings, energy vomiting, fatigue, vague discomfort and periods of hyperactivity or depression.

Relief and escape start to think.

The custody plan will be more effective. We're missing issues, you're having trouble
to sleep or leave the standard sleep plan. For the most part and on
times, miss missions or missions. Life begins to stack up and the feeling of being overwhelmed
sometimes sets in.

We get harder to live and work with. It takes an effort to remain calm yet
warning, focus on projects that pass and make decisions.

Small projects seem to be large and minor irritations seem great. People start getting on the nerves.

We have become stressed! This does not happen due to the events or potential of
terrible events that occur, but because of our response to events and possibilities.

So why struggle about stress management at work?

Business managers are well advised and are often advised these days to pay attention to the job site. Stress levels have become a major concern for both managers and those they monitor. Why are you studying?

There are three reasons.

Stress is bad for health. This is the reason number one, far and away. The more and more you emphasize, it is likely that it will be a serious health problem. "Serious" means fatal. Medical research has established a relationship between stress and cancer, heart disease and other types of health and mental health. The underlying reason for connection to physical illness seems to be that stress weakens the immune system.

Stress is dangerous. This is the reason number two. The impact of people making mistakes, having difficulty monitoring, hearing exactly what is said, and are easily mislead. The greater the workplace emphasizes the greater risk of accidents and mistakes.

Reason number three is that stress interferes with good judgment. Everyone knows that when there is unusual stress, a good judgment goes out of the window. This is because of focusing on having "other things" apart from the task or decision that seems to play in our minds. One quick example: Ask a person in the middle of a bitter divorce for his best judgment about something and most likely the answer will be: "I'm not thinking enough right now to trust my own jurisdiction."

Bottom line: Beware of losing stress management at work as absurd. Business executives, be wary: some ounce prevention could save you and those you manage many pounds of doctors!


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