Stress Management – How to survive 2,000 per month

If you are something like me then you are stressed because the money you receive does not cover all expenses. I work as a youth advisor and I earn less than 2,000.00 a month so I'm constantly looking for ways to stretch my dollars. I found that the best way for me to survive $ 2,000.00 a month and not to emphasize was 1) Develop a positive relationship with my money and 2) Create a budget

# 1 Develop a positive relationship with your money
I live in Metro Atlanta and I used to give away my money to everyone and everyone who had a sad story or some story at all. I had to learn that if I get my money like it does not mean anything to me and if I continue spending my money on stimulus, my money would leave me and the result would be that I would be broken.

Now, instead of giving away my money for all reasons, I respect my money as real value. I realize that money is needed to pay for what I need and what I long for. I now use wisdom when I spend my money.

# 2 Create a Budget
When I survived a limited amount, I had to learn how to understand my narratives of my needs. I followed my spending business and two areas that I mentioned as waste was 1) Food and 2)

Food Products
I found that I could save a lot of money by cooking at home instead of eating out. Also before I go shopping, I schedule and print my meals this week and I grocery in accordance with my menu. The key to shopping in the grocery store is to stick to your list!

I'm a coffee drinker and I also found that I could save a lot of money by brewing my coffee at home instead of going to Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks.

You can save a lot of money by utilizing your public library. Instead of spending money subscribing to a newspaper, magazine or buying books, you can access all of these items for free at the library as well as you are in an air-conditioned environment. You can also use the computers for free and rent movies and music clips. My local library has free Wi-Fi so you can take your laptop and get unlimited internet access.

If you have a job that is rewarding but your salary is not, you can easily find yourself stressed out; especially when maturity accounts are approaching fast. The key to being stressed when you're in the face of money is to learn how to respond to your situation and respond to your situation.

This article brave two recommendations that can be implemented as a way to respond to your situation. You can also try to find more ways to improve your earnings and reinvest you.


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