Stress Management – How to Do More and Enjoy Life

What is the secret of life with little or no stress? What can you do to exchange? You can decide that from this moment you will make sure that you will do something every day to enjoy yourself.

What you decide to do to enjoy life is, of course, for you. Whatever you choose, preferably be something that interests you, is fun to take part in, breaks from daily stress and actually helps to reduce exciting worry and excitement. It is useful for your overall health and well-being and satisfaction of life if these activities can help you meet people regularly too.

Here are some questions you can answer to help you forget about your own interests:

Do you want to do things on your own?

Would you rather do things with others?

Do you like to practice?

What kind of music do you like?

Can you play a musical instrument?

Want to sing?


Amateur opera or musical


Singing lessons


independently or with others: dance, run, exercise in fitness center

with someone else: play tennis, play golf

as part of team: football, rugby, netball, basketball, circular

on or in water

Create music:

on your own sing or group

play musical instruments as part of a group: join choir, band or band

Be entertained:

yourself or with others: go to a concert, cinema, theater, rent DVD, watch tv


Yoga, martial arts


lying on the beach listening to music recording, listening to music

1 94 59003] Benefits of Different Activities:

Anything outdoors related to nature can be particularly stressful because you will tend to relax and exercise more when you're in the fresh air.

All activities that involve movement release emotional endorphins plus physical benefits, so you will feel relaxed and have a sense of well-being after that.

Activities that stretch you spiritually like crossroads or Sudoku helps to increase brain energy throughout your life.

All exercises utilize body, mind and spirit. The exercise keeps you fit and flexible, but the muscles and joints work well, help you maintain normal weight, allowing you to look and feel younger than your biological age.


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