Stress Management: How to design your own program of stress reduction

Stress Management Advice is available wherever you turn. If you read newspapers or magazines or online searches, you already know many practical measures to reduce stress. The trick is how to put them into practice.

Here's one approach to helping you change ideas in action.

Use this article as a template. Take a blank page and answer the following questions with your individual information. You will soon have an overview of your own flow management plan.

Monitor your plan, even soldier, and you must make significant progress towards the peaceful and balanced life!

Assess your current level of stress

Register your top ten harassment. Evaluate each of these at 1-10 levels where 10 is horrible, the worst.

Focus on your noise. Also highlight the stress you're most likely to see fast.

Set Stress Inhibition

For your noise, set long-term goals . Where do you want to stay in a year? Six months? Three months? Work back in time from your primary goal. Of course, the goals can be completed even before a self-created deadline. Remember to make your goals SMART – Specific, Measurable, Acceptable, Realistic, and Time Limited.

Check what you can do without delay to reduce stress on the things you're most likely to see fast. Can you get this stress condition handled in one month? If it's likely, set goals for one month and work again today to create action steps.

Is there anything you can do today? Need to make a decision? Learn more? Enable help? Relax and drop it because you've done everything you can do? Now you have a solution to problems and you will probably find more hope.


Next, encourage yourself, your partner, or a trusted friend or family.

How could you control yourself and your environment in relation to each of these two stress reduction limits while working on a long term solution? Enter all ideas you can think of without a censorship.


What can you do to relax and release the tension at the physical level?


What can you do to support yourself emotionally? How can you be loving and kind to yourself and any other participant while you work this out?


How can you change your thinking and thinking about stressful problems? Are there other logical methods to explore? Need more information to solve a problem?


What spiritual resources can you call to help you get through this?

Select Methods

Select one or two methods from this mindset list. Choose the ones that appeal to you most. Are you willing to commit to doing this? How and when do you want to do them? Where? How can you put yourself well to succeed with individual stress programs?

Take Your Actions

You now have a multi-level action plan and self-support plan. Take steps to solve problems and use your own methods.

Review, Review and Repeat

Review your plan at least once a week and review it as needed. When you get one stress system reduced, or just relax in one area, draw your attention to the next area and repeat this plan and action model. Do this over and over as often as necessary when creating a lifestyle with less stress and greater inner peace.


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