Stress Management: How To Choose A Mate Without Stress Out

Do you know the elements that are glued together and what causes others to break apart? Is the thought of choosing your life partner a lot of stress?

Twenty percent of all first marriage misses within five years of wednesday. Finally, over time, divorce rate will be fifty percent. If you are stressed, you have some valid numbers to back up your feelings.

Here's a way to control your stress when looking at a potential spouse. Take a step back and look at these five key areas:

* Self-consciousness.

If you're living your strengths, giving you attention to your emotional, physical, financial and spiritual needs and keeping you in touch with those that matter to you, you're on a solid foundation. Rarely, all of us all have these areas together, but in order to be aware of them and to work on them, you are committed to creating a successful union.

* Requirements.

It is essential that you become clear about the qualities you need or can not do in another. Most relationships fail because both people discovered too late that they met the visits they could not create. Take some time and make a list of the top 10 unconditional claims that you need in a spouse. If you know your requirements, you will significantly reduce your stress.

* Nature of assessment.

Integrity is the basis for a relationship that lasts. You need to be alert for signs that show someone lying, cheating, stealing or having an addiction problem. Also be aware of a red flag of someone with a volatile temperament. Irreversible anger is a major reason for communication disorder. Contacting someone with a poor character will never work until they seek and get help for their problems.


Having a similar attitude to life is useful. Negativity, "poor me", pride, shrug on the shoulder and attitude of rights (the world owes me) are all signs of problems just waiting to happen.

* Equality.

This area can cover a variety of values ​​and interests. The main looking for are intellectual, educational and religious backgrounds and practices. You may not need your future partners to make as much money as you do or to be as successful in their work, but you may need to share the same wit so you can have a conversation that lasts your life.

If you want to control your stress while you're dating and looking for affiliates, look for the above-mentioned clarity features. Chemistry and good looks can initially attract you and can certainly be important, but the values ​​listed above must also be available.


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