Stress Management – How to change your reaction to stress

If you want to change how you respond to a certain stressful situation then this is the technique for you. You only need about 5-10 minutes to yourself and the ability to use your imagination.

First, sit or lie comfortably and close your eyes. Now, imagine yourself in this particular strain that you want to change your reaction to. Make this spiritual image as sharp and vivid as you can and let it fill all your visions. Make the colors bright and vibrant, and make sure you look as uncomfortable as possible. Make it seem like if a massive color chart is expected in your mind and make it as animated and accurate as you can. Have all the necessary information, including people around you, the landscape, how it sounds, sounds, touches and anything else that's needed. Now that the image is firmly me (and probably makes you forever), you're just right. For ease of simplicity, let this photo call & nbsp; stress the moment. & # 39; Once it has a name, you can remember it easier. Now let's set it aside for a moment.

Now, take a picture of yourself as if you've taken care of the problem. Like last time, make each little detail and let it shine as vivid and vibrant as possible. We will call this photo on the performance phone, & # 39;. In this view, you should appear as if you've just come through like a great hero. You know when you've got this right, as you'll start feeling very well. Now enjoy the picture for a moment and then shrink and the colors disappear and when there is nothing but a black and white image that's small and stamped, leave it on one side.

Now that's done:

1. Get the stress network & # 39; picture, and let it fill all your visions again. Just do it like & # 39; actual & # 39; and just as lively … until you're practicing a little. But this time, add the small, black and white image of & nbsp; achievement time & # 39; to the bottom left corner.

2. When you have the picture in mind, say "SWISH" to yourself, edit the pictures exactly at the same time so that the "moment" increases and stimulates. Black and white stamps

3. Just try to enjoy this form and feel for some time. Enjoy it.

4. Do not let your mind and the mind be neutral. This can be anything – the park, your bedroom, anywhere and comfortable and where you can find yourself. This is important – you must always switch to a completely neutral place at this point.

Now, go back to step number one and repeat the order a few times. In time, you will notice that the images change over easier and faster. Faster and faster every time you say the word "SWISH" to yourself. Soon you will not have time to see clearly & # 39; stress moments for & # 39; success moment & # 39; returns it. four times a day, until either you feel "stressed" and "# 39; just is not something you can form anymore, or until the images actually change instantly." Image usually, you're ready .


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