Stress Management – How do you respond to stressful situations?

Think about the last time you were very stressed out. How did you be angry with stress? Did you flee from the handle Did you know that you are upset in your stomach? Did you immediately go to the bar to try to drink your stress?

Not all that can cause stress you can control. Clearly, it's obvious that you can delete some things, such as work you hate – but in many cases you do not have control over the world or the stress you need to handle daily.

Much of our stress and anxiety is related to control or lack of it. When we think our environment is not under our control, it is very uncomfortable. Indeed, it is often terribly scary. But when we realize we can not control everything, we can relax it a bit and work with what we can manage.

The idea of ​​not being able to control everything in our world can be so terrible that many of us do all we can ignore this fact and to avoid it from our minds. From our earliest life, we live on feelings of security and consistency. Whenever we encounter something that threatens security, we get the focus. But how we respond to such strain is under our control.

Indeed, since you can not control other individuals or many situations that occur in life, how you decide to respond to certain stresses is one of the very specific things in this life that you can control.

Needless to say, you can answer negative stress. Taking a say is an example. Or you can choose to act in a more positive way, such as doing some cleaning. With one, you are sure to waste time and money, while the other will be free and even productive.

  • Negative ways of dealing with stress

    • Drug abuse or alcohol
    • Binge Eating
    • Abusive family member
    • Unconditional use of prescription
    • gambling or surfing
    • 19659002] Positive Ways To Deal With Stress

      • Headline in the Fitness Center for Some Movement
      • Exercise Meditation
      • Deep Respiratory Technology
      • Talking through your problems with trusting friends or therapists
      • Listen to Relaxing Music

      It is unnecessary to say that you can choose whether you respond to stress positively or negatively. The decision is entirely yours. And enough is the only thing you will decide during stressful situations. Remember that your choice is yours.


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