Stress Management: Horses and public housing

I was driving to shop in Bristol, Connecticut, so of course I drove on Jerome Avenue. It is one of those streets you travel at least two or three times a day.

Interesting street, Jerome Avenue. There are plenty of beautiful old houses, including one salt box from 1700. The original house of William Jerome, or so the icon says.

There is also low income for public housing projects, near route 6. You often see a shopping cart in front of it, despite the signs in the store and asks you not to take them.

And two houses descended from the public building, which are gradually part of the street, is a small, very well-kept house with lots of field in the back. There is a tile in horses with two horses.

Not what you expect to see almost next to the public housing, a small New England city, just outside of the main thing.

But there it is!

Things grow up on us … sometimes not as we are going.

Circumstances change and events fall outside our management site.

Certainly, the one who first put down his roots on Jerome Ave. close to shopping and shopping.

But they figured out how to carve out their own space – a little tuna next to the sprawl.

And guess what? You get to cut out your privacy, peaceful space about what is happening in your life.

Must be easier than holding a horse stable!

Pastorally Yours,


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