Stress Management: Fun

"All I want to do is fun. I have the feeling that I'm not the only one."

These lyrics singer Sheryl Crowe a Grammy 10 years ago. They still talk to us today. I have the feeling that her lyrics have dropped into a long experience that most of us did.

In a complex, fast, overworked and organized community, when did you last enjoy?

According to Stephen Glynn, author of "Raising Independent Children in an Independent World," the average US $ 19459004 increases only 141/2 minutes a day.

Twelve of these keystrokes are used to record, correct or organize how to get through the next day – which leaves
2 minutes for everything else that families should do.

The average couple share only 20 minutes a day according to The Family
Therapy Networker, issued by the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy.

Where did it all come from? I was in college when I slowly bought my booking book. Now it's not unusual to see a few teens I work by carrying their own programmers.

Here you are welcome to enjoy yourself again.

Here's an exercise that can provide you with a quick check on stress pressure, when you last had fun and what to do.

Take a sheet and record all the activities you can think of for fun. This may be what you've done recently or long ago, or just what you want to do and have not yet.

Be sure to include both small things like reading a book and big things like taking a vacation.

After you've created your list, look at it. Next to what you've done today, put D, this week, W, this month M. For things you've only done in the past three months, put 3, in the past six months, 6, and only at last year, 1. For things you've never done, put N. Solve everything else ok.

View your list now. What does it say about how much fun in your life? If you are like most of us, you are lightweight on Ds Ws and Ms. and heavy in 3s, 6s and 1s.

So what do you do?

You do not have to retire or fly to Tahiti to balance the things. A simpler approach would be to select only one item from a fun list and commit to doing it next week. Choose one next week, another next week and so on.

Thus you get 100 percent improvement every week. How is it going forward?


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