Stress Management – Five ways to study matriculation

Foot in the stomach pressure?

How often have you thought of mouth before it has been recorded in your mind? And then deal with your poor communication and spend hours or maybe days to fix the stresses you created?

I certainly can! Every time I seem to work on an auto pilot and say dumbest things. I ultimately judge myself and need to bring all the tools to reduce my stress to balance again and all my connectivity tools to compensate for the damage that I could do with my chosen words.

Here are some thoughts on how I've learned (most of the time, please take good care!) Contact your mind and mouth connection.

1. Listen to the other man. Listen really. If you're really listening, you're in touch with the other man and more likely to open your mouth and put your foot on one of these stressful faux-pass statements.

2. Practice thinking and speak good, positive words. Day in and day out, correct your mental self-propagation when you "go negative." Talk to yourself about the positive possibilities in situations that emphasize you. When you open your mouth, focus on positive and potential solutions as much as possible. If you practice exercise positive thoughts and words, even if you say something stupid, it could not be stressful!

3. Stay calm. Listen more than talking. You can not promote stressful conditions when you keep your mouth.

4. Let you pause – only one or two will do – to keep track of your thoughts before opening your mouth. It's pretty good and often avoid stressful mistakes in the conversation when everyone touches your answer and you allow a slight hitch before giving your wisdom!

5. Buy time to think better. You can also say, "I'm still looking for the best way to tell what I want to say," or "I have not yet a clear answer." Even simple, "I have to think about it and get back to you," can contribute to the atmosphere of respect and harmony. Giving time to think can help keep stress levels lower in the long run.


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