Stress Management – Do you do one of these 3 mistakes when organizing stress relief?

There are a thousand and one ways to control your stress. If you have done some reading or research, you may be confused sometime. And on top of all, everyone has an opinion. But there are a few ways that can help you more than it helps during your trip to find solutions to stress management.

One of the most effective ways to make the situation less stressful is to change it. Therefore, the main heat, air conditioning and cars were found to control the stress of our environment. But much harder is to control the spiritual circumstances that invade our lives every day. Social and human circumstances are much harder to change our physical environment.

Change Error # 1

You can change someone else. It sounds so easy, if only he would change, if only he was cooking dinner three times a week. If only, he would pick up the clothes. You know the drill. But here's the absolute truth that you can only change yourself.

Changing Mistakes # 2

Not only is it easier to stay idle and keep my problems to me so we can notice. The problem here is the lack of communication. Nobody knows what you're thinking. If you do not speak you will be ineffective to meet your needs and meet each other's needs. Your behavior is one that you can control.
Changing Mistakes # 3

When you say things like "you make me so angry when you throw your clothes on the floor." With these words you've given up all your power. It looks like the other person is in control of your feelings. It may be said that they will be guilty. But in fact, it puts life and happiness into someone else's hands than yourself.

It is now up to finding solutions with solutions by changing the situation in a way that works.

Solution # 1

Plans to change yourself and not others.

Solutions # 2

Have reliable (not prominent) and create more effective communication.

Solution # 3

Use inspiring words by changing the sentence in a way that governs you. Know that you are responsible for your words, thoughts and feelings. And I want to invite you to find more solutions to your stress.


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