Stress Management – Different from what you find over the internet!

Stress refers to the consequences of the fact that an organism has been violated – human or animal – to respond adequately to mental, emotional or physical demands, whether it is real or imagined. (Wikipedia)

Stress prevents you from performing at your best level. It is a psychological state where personal is unable to focus on and perform effectively. The only way out of this is to remove this stress from your system. Obviously said better than done!

I'm going to talk about some of the methods I personally found very helpful.

1. Stay with your loved one.

Always use your partner and do not talk about the topics that bring more stress. This is one of the safest ways in which a number of other fun issues can be discussed with your loved ones. When your mind is back in peace, you can go to finish your work.

2. Bathroom to sing

Funny as it might sound, it has been scientifically proven that bathroom singing reduces stress. Most of you do not believe this, but I strongly recommend testing yourself and notifying me of the results. 🙂

3. Make What You Love To Do

You may have an interest you love to do, something that lets you forget about the world when you participate. Be it gardening, photography, reading novels, watching movies etc. Do what you love to do when things are not going. And when you get back to work, you'll have a fresher and more optimistic vision!

4. Review your youth.

Childhood is the best part of all men. Return to your youth. If you have a trunk full of children's toys, open it and remember your days. If there is a place where you loved to go as a child, go to a visit today (sometimes your old house since you were early days or a park where you played as a kid). Believe me, it gives you an atmosphere that is beyond description.

5. Pamper yourself

Forgive in luxury. Go to a spa or shop, or your favorite restaurant. Often these are physical things that make us happy. Pamper yourself and feel comfortable.

6. Stay with the children (Warning: Not for hate children)

Seeing little little children will make you feel good. They have the ability to calm and calm the storms. The child's smile is one of the world's most addictive things. If this does not solve stress, nothing will.

Try them out. You will find them very effective. Going back to work in a happy and positive mindset makes you better and formulates solutions that you could never do with a stressful mind.

For further strategies for reducing stress and managing time better go to:

Have a stress free day!


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