Stress Management – Cope with stress in the office

Let's be honest – life can be stressful if we do. Accumulation of small defects over day, week or longer can accumulate and erupt in anger and anxiety. This can have a negative emotional and physical impact on you.

How can we prevent stress?

The key formula is preparation, which can give you the peace you want. If you have stressful days in the office, it's the first thing you need to do to analyze your daily life.

What exactly are you doing?

What is work and what is not?

What developments need to be changed and what should be the same?

First, check your sleep, eating and drinking patterns. If you sleep very late at night and wake up as soon as the sun is up, it may need a change. Try to sleep earlier in the evening and set the alarm an hour before going home. These little changes could be a response to your stressful day.

Maybe it's eating and drinking a pattern that's strengthening your stress.

What do you eat on a regular day?

Are you eating healthy and nutritious food?

Are you over or under-eat?

Are you drinking enough water?

Are you addicted to caffeine?

You are what you eat – eating and drinking patterns can cause stress.

There are many great resources to help you find the perfect nutritious balance.

What about exercise?

Many of us overlook exercise, but it is essential for our body to work properly.

The only tangible thing we must use the last day we live is our body. Our body works like a car – the more you care, the better it will work. Exercise is a great way to keep your body working well.

When you have been successful in the sleep, feeding and exercise process, stress is the last thing you have in mind. Still, other unpredictable circumstances can lead to inconveniences.

What about dealing with stress in the office?

What can you do to avoid stress?

The most important thing is to find a job that you love. From personal experience, I can tell you that nothing is worse than doing a job you hate.

Another tip is getting 15 minutes early. This gives you enough time to sit down and prepare your mind for the day ahead. Learn to take a deep and long breath every hour and every hour. Once you have started this rule, you must notice that you are quieter and more focused.

If you spend most of your day, make sure the chair is comfortable. It's no worse than sitting for a few hours at the end of a bad chair. Also, do your feet and feet exercises. Circular exercises such as those shown on long-haul are necessary to maintain blood circulation.

Make sure you get up and go for a walk – it's good for the traffic and gives you a sense too.

If your job allows you for hours on the phone, ask for a hands-free set – it's lightweight, easy to use and gives you full access to movement.

If something is disturbing you at work, make sure you take your attention. Always choose the best time to come up with content and do it politely.

Is your office well organized? If your office looks like a jungle of paper and files and nothing is fine, it would be wise to take tomorrow to get the correct system in place.

My final recommendation is to enjoy you. Have fun and learn to smile more. Laugh when you can.

Some of the Successlodge communities have given me tips on how to control your stress at your workplace, including playing background music, lighting up oil, picking up yoga, meditating, having a sphere of stress to free unwanted energy and playing relaxed on music when you go to work.

How should your life be?

Imagine smiling, happy that you feel comfortable and happy that you are about your body, mind and soul. You enjoy your temple with good food and plenty of water.

You often practice.

You feel good.

You hear sounds like success.

Your new balance makes you calmer, more focused and above all happier. It's your turn to share this wisdom with your peers.


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