Stress Management – A Way To Be Success In This Competitive World

When I watch TV in some news, I always get through many events that suddenly show the death of many young people and the reason they say is "unknown". When we deeply interpret the reason for such early deaths, doctors report it as a stroke. This word continues to buzzing me a lot these days as I have almost seen my own student who died just 3 months ago.

Her name was A. Swapna and pursued MBA II semester at university. Suddenly with no signs of illness she died. Later her doctors told her to be dead and said, "This is the result of stress that has made the nerves of your brain noticeable with pressure that has subsequently been directed to stroke." What is stress to do with a 21 year old girl? "When I asked a little bit about my personal life, I realized that she was struggling with her single mother who was left by her father without people taking care of what led her life to a poor financial situation.

I Can even give examples of people who work in the industry for at least 12-13 hours a day that is said to be 8 hours on pages, going through great pressure in their work, not giving their time for that family and themselves earn a good, but nothing less space for themselves and ultimately commit suicide. I wonder if people do all this because of fame and money. And if that's why why? why? 19659002] We can not only imagine one class of individuals like employees dealing with such a problem. It is well seen in children, adolescents, adolescents, middle age rich and even old-fashioned people. Literally, we can say that it is a BUG that adds to all classes of people living on this planet, regardless of its cast, creed, religion and nationality. We must find ways to deal with the so-called defects. But we are coming to address these types of situations, apart from reading books and content on web pages to solve the problem.

We need to analyze things around us. Need to know first what we do is make us feel comfortable or not? If no, then the answer is the first thing to do to follow your heart. The best way to fight stress is to find ourselves happy with any kind of work and what we do in our lives. If you live for yourself and find happiness in a job you do then you are a friend of life.

Live life without reason, work your whole life without interest, study the non-proprietary course, choose the wrong part of your life, unable to control your feelings within, bad companionship is one life that leads to stress. If we can avoid all negative energy then we get the results of the project called "STRESS BURSTING"


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