Stress Management – 7 Reasons to Avoid Preventing Varied Time

Time management great deception. Often we talk about managing our time as it was as simple as following steps one and two and I think it's in some way. We all know, you can not get back loss time. So in order to get more done every day you can decide to win multi-task is the answer. But this leads to different times and causes stress.

Do you think you can get three things at once? If you do not feel better again. All attempts to do that are stupid. Attempts to do too many tasks at the same time is equal disaster in the form is a mistake, confusion mention too much strain and anxiety trying to keep 3 balls in the air at the same time.

7 reasons to prevent misunderstanding of multiple projects

1. Trying to complete some tasks or tasks at the same time causes overwhelming and inadequate tasks
2. Thinking about more than one task at any time causes mistakes and mistakes
3. It causes tiredness and frustration in what you can feel like lack of "real" progress
4. Often causes clutter of office and clutter
5. Cause of lack of creativity when you try to keep your projects organized in your own mind is no space for creativity
6. Projects take longer due to lack of focus
7. Cause you to find more emphasis and anxiety

Here are some ways to succeed with the time you have.

Brain dump by writing everything down. When it is written on paper, it begins to transfer the tasks to a calendar. Write it with a pencil so you can easily make changes. Keep a notebook nearby. Instead of trying to remember all that needs to be done, write it in a prescription memorandum. Keep one calendar that combines your work and personal events and tasks to make sure that nothing is forgotten. When the tasks are complete, use a yellow tag to identify a task that indicates that it has been completed. If you find that you can not complete a task on a particular date, rewrite the task on a new day.

If you find that you have completed the project on 3 different dates because it was not completed, decide if the project is important, you must complete it or should it be set as part of your long-term commitment. Finally, decide whether postpone and if you are, figure out why and decide what to do about it.

Is the job too big? How about breaking it into smaller pieces. Often, the reason we find that we can not complete a project is because the project looks great and we become overwhelmed. The best way to break down the project is to list all the components of the project. For example, if the project is to clean the bedroom, please list all the bedrooms that require attention. For each section of the list, you must sign the subdivision – in this case, the list must be cleared separately. In this case, you find that cleaning the bedroom will be easy because when you complete the tasks you register you will find clean bedrooms becomes easy when you receive one area at a time.


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