Stress Management


Stress is a common, adaptable response to a threat. It indicates that risk, danger or risk exists and prepares us for protective or preventive measures.

When there is a fear of potential threat, well-being and comfort, a human system is designed to respond in such a way as to protect the body from sensible imminent danger. Such feared things are usually avoided.

Check the following facts about STRESS

– Stress inhibits the performance of difficult tasks or at least slowing down the progress.

– Medium stress improves performance and encouragement of tougher tasks.

– In family relationships, stress leads to excited relationships, less cooperation and more hostility.

– Stress must be taken to prevent physical and mental illness. It is well
confirmed fact that stress causes heart disease.

– Persistent exposure to chronic stress can lead to serious heart disease and psychological illness.


Any condition, condition or condition that may cause stress is called STRESSOR. Stress varies according to severity, effect and length. Fear of repression at a boss at work will last longer than stress created with flat tires on the way to the office.

As well, stress caused by a seriously ill daughter will be more serious and more influential than that created with a little jam.

In the case of stressor, it is necessary to mention that what is a stressor for one person must not be stressful to another person. Death of a loved one is stressful for all but a loss of labor can be a major burden on some, minor stresses on some and no strain with others.

In addition, it can not be stressed at another time that can occur with one in a particular period. If you're stuck in traffic jam when you go to the office can be stressful but when you return home after work of the day.


The main stress tests for adults include major family tragedies, such as family deaths; maki, child. Others include divorce, unfaithful spouse, negligence, unemployment, accidents that can lead to permanent disability.

Positive Event

Not all the emphases are negative. Some positive events can lead to stress. A wedding is usually judged as a desired or positive event. But the challenge in the new home will lead to stress for a recent wife. Increased family treatment can also create stress for the new couple.

Family Issues

Daily challenges and hassles that lead to stress include (but not limited to) the following: jobplace challenges, family relationships, daily movements for high-traffic work, debt and mortgages, family illness. The combination or accumulation of these events can be stressful but big sudden events.

Disgusting Events

Horror is a sudden life-threatening event that pushes people to an undesirable extremity in life. These may include natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, tsunami. Other catastrophic events are road accidents, sexual assaults.

Terrorism usually creates stress that can withstand many years after the event. Year after the tsunamis claiming more than 216,000 lives, the riddle remains prominent on survivors.


Stressed person suggests some harmful behavior, such as:

Poor concentration, abnormal anxiety, change in behavioral appearance, tendon tightness, hand tightness, stimulation, nagging, deep sores, dry mouth, increased heartbeat, and regular gifts.

Response to the Nervous System

When an individual perceives events as stressful, the body undergoes a number of changes that increase psychological and emotional stimulation.

Diseases Struggled

Scientists have clearly identified stress and particular symptoms of the individual to respond to stress as a risk factor for cardiovascular disease. The release of stress hormones has a cumulative negative effect on the cardiovascular system. Cortisol, for example, increases blood pressure, which can damage the internal walls of blood vessels. It also increases the free fatty acids in the bloodstream, which in turn causes plague to form during the vein feeding. As blood vessels tighten over time, it becomes increasingly difficult for the heart to pump enough blood through them.

Stress has also been discovered (though with less known relation than myocardial infarction) to be responsible for the development of cancer.

Reduced Immunity

The immune system is a natural system where the body is protected against invasive bacteria and viruses responsible for illness. Stress weakens the immune system, thus making the body unacceptable for the invasion of viruses and bacteria.

This happens in two ways. Stressed people work with unsafe activities and behaviors such as excessive smoking, insomnia, careless driving and poor chest.

Secondly, the hormone system could directly affect stress as the body is exposed to a dangerous attack.

Mental Illness

Regardless of physical disorder caused by stress, it is not possible to describe mental illnesses caused by stress. This can lead to irritability, emotional instability, extreme anxiety, inability to realize solving problems and poor strength.


There are corrective actions needed to reduce levels and effects of stress. Individuals have different ways of treating stress. Anyone who wants to control stress must have faith that they can control the situation by using either thought or action. If you have a bad boss and you're stuck in a traffic jam on your way to the office, you either believe he'll be cool this morning, or you can choose your mobile phone and explain him correctly as he explains the situation for him.

Since you control stress, you make more positive statements about the situation, resist any kind of resentment and look at the brighter side of stressful events.

Control methods.

A psychologist has analyzed the problems and focus on focus. The first one has to do by finding an immediate solution to the problem that is responsible for stress. The feeling of focusing policy involves excluding or threatening unpleasant emotions.

Social Care

Social systems are so organized to help victims of stress recover as soon as possible. Supporters of family members, government, employers go far to help the victim of stress to manage it. It is strongly advised to refuse to isolate when stressed.

Rest and relaxation

This is a simple management measure to control stress. Progressive muscle relaxation is a way to do this.

Training Exercises

This includes physical exercises like running, walking, cycling and helping to control stress.

Religious Commandment

For those who believe in God, the best control of stress is to put confidence in almighty God who can not only handle all circumstances but also to face unfavorable circumstances.

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