Stress Management

Stress is mainly considered a negative problem, but it is also a positive side of stress. As stated, "Do something that frigtens you every day." What this means is that a small dose of stress can be useful for achieving greater efficiency and effectiveness in our daily lives.

Unfortunately, a negative side of stress can cause serious physical and psychological problems. This negative side of stress comes from being unable to extinguish stress or pressure. What your stress is from home difficulties, pressure or competition at work or conflict with friends. These problems can lead to constant tension in mind and body.

Stress comes from situations we respond to that are usually not under our control. These are problems that can lead us to great anxiety. It's important to be positive and not allow negative effects to harm our lives.

How do we start with Stress Management?

What are the causes?

Stress management begins by analyzing our response to certain circumstances. A typical example would be when you are presenting events that you have to perform, such as presenting or making a speech. If you find yourself having a headache when you face this situation, this would look like stress performance.

Deep Respiration

Controlled breathing is probably the most effective starting point to help relieve stress. When you feel headache or your body gets excited, take a few seconds to breathe deeply. Close your eyes and try to calm your mind and body. This will help to respond to negative responses.

Positive thinking.

You need to maintain a positive attitude to continue with stress management. Consciously, your mind tends to expand stressful situations. You need to remind yourself that no matter how hard or challenging the situation is something positive it will come true. Every cloud, they say, has silver lining.


You need to slow down and take yourself and relax. Take a break, do not try to beat yourself through problems. The tension that you feel both physically and mentally is a physical way to tell you to pause. Often it's ten minutes and coffee all you need to help refresh your mind enough to regain the problem. If you are in a situation that allows the power of tricks can also be useful.


Stress management begins with exercise. A healthy body leads to a healthy mind. A balanced diet and regular exercise helps keep you relaxed and helps to relax at the end of stressful days. The exercise does not have to be a training session, a quick walk twice a week along with 8 hours of sleep could be all you need. Do not forget them all the important fruits and vegetables.


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