Stress and anxiety, ways to reduce them

I wanted to investigate stress management. Sounds simple enough … and stress free. Well, come find out, it's much more complicated than it sounds.

Where do I start? The rule of thumb in investigating … when on the internet start with google, of course! It was easy. But now comes a hard part. Here are the entries to choose from: Management activities and tips; stress drugs; stress methods; stress training; stress management at work and last but not least stressometer. Stress recommends? I just stressed wondering where to start!

I want to start with the strain gauge. What is it? Indeed, it is quite simple. There are a series of questions that are designed to determine your level of stress. I, for one, do not need to tell anyone about it during the economic crisis, unemployment is rising and registering prices in foreclosures that stress stresses are needed! High stress levels are determined to be 300 points on most tests. I think most individuals focus on signing up to 500 or 600 points!

I do not mean to reduce the effects of stress. It's common, and it's potentially dangerous. But what should we do to reduce the effects of stress on the body before it causes serious harm?

There are some very good ideas that I will only emphasize here. For one thing, we should all (collectively) get more exercise. This is a great way to rid those endorphins that reduce stress. Another way is through a diet. Certain natural foods work well to minimize, or reverse, the effects that cause our concern.

Here are two things I do. I surround myself with what is funny and uplifting. The Proverbs says that "a happy heart is a good medicine". I've found this to be true. There is only one thing that makes me feel better than a good laugh, or whatever else I need to relieve my temper. What kind of things do I do to laugh? Good sit-com, joke book, comic book all work. I get together with friends who are fun to be around. I even buy "joy" dishwashing liquid because of the name! I do not accept the use of antidepressants but I know there are certain times that can be used appropriately (preferably temporarily). I also recommend eating you through your stress. It only leads to other problems.

We all agree with levels of stress that are far from the charts. And our stress needs to be addressed. Take my advice that is not professional and express your mood. Do not be so festive. Play with the children, the volunteer where others are in worse condition than you (in other words, take your eyes on their own problems, pause them!). Get away from the computer (once you've read this) and bake cakes for your neighbor, who just had some shocks of your own.

However, dealing with stress? I know I did not say bury you in food, but chocolate usually works for me! Then I go for a walk. Do not take life so seriously. All in all, works out in the end. Most things that happen in your life will not kill you. Stress mouth. Remember, the key is to relieve your life.


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