Spirit of recovery addiction – how can it help?

Asking 100 people to define spiritually will produce 100 different answers, but most agree that it is a necessary element of recovery addiction.

How can you define your spiritual?

A great way to ignore your spiritual is to start asking questions that lead to self-discovery. Sometimes, simply asking the questions is more important than getting & # 39; right & # 39; answer.

Here are some questions to ask yourself to discover what experiences and values ​​define you:

What are your important relationships? Where have you found comfort? What gives you hope? What brings you joy? What if you've been living in harmony with your life, how have you done it? What do you believe will happen when your physical life ends and how do you feel about it? Describe time when you feel comfortable and everything in your life was the way you wanted it.

Think about the time when your life was filled with purpose, meaning or there was a feeling of it in it.

Answers to questions like this will help you identify the most important people, moments and experiences in your life. Armed with this information you can focus on a spiritual sense of relationships and activities in life that have proven to have a real understanding for you in the past. These helped define you as a person and will continue to encourage personal growth.

Spiritual gives our lives texture and color, but in their core activities it helps to give our lives a sense of purpose or context, if you want. It gives our lives meaning. It comes from the relationship with yourself and with those around you, as well as the development of your own personal values ​​system and search for meaning in life.

Spirituality is the connection from being isolated as we have been addicted, a sense of connection that occurs in recovery.

How can spirituality help you to recover addiction?

Hmmm … Let me count the ways. It can help you:

1. Focus on personal goals. Growing your spiritual can help you forget what is most meaningful in your life. By explaining what is important to you, you can eliminate stress by focusing on insignificant items that can sometimes eat you.

2. Connect with the world. The more you think you have a purpose in the world, the less systematic you think, even when you're alone. This can lead to internal peace during difficult times.

3. Release the board. When you feel part of a larger whole, you realize that you are not responsible for everything that happens in life. You can share the burden of difficult times as well as the joy of the blessings of life with those around you.

4. Expand your service network. Whether you feel spiritual in a church, mosque or synagogue, in your family, or for a walk with a friend in nature, this part of spiritual expression can help build relationships.

5. Lead a healthy life. Some studies suggest that people who consider themselves mental are often better off to cope with stress and cure from illness or addiction.

Growing Your Spiritual Life

Spirituality begins with your relationship with yourself, is immersed in your relationships with others and ends with purpose in life. Realizing these are two of the best ways to grow your spirituality to improve your self-esteem and strengthen relationships with those who are important to you. This can lead to a deeper sense of your place in life and in better terms.


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